A Christmas dance for you!

Oh, and almost forgot: Here's a Christmas dance from Abbie to you. As I watch this video, she seems to me like my favorite Jackie Chan in the 1986 movie "Drunken Master"! She probably O.D. on too much Clifford apple juice! ~(^_^)~

And a Merry Christmas from our pets Jubee, Kobee and Rudolph the rusted reindeer!

We'll be MIA (^_^)

Hi sweeties! Early Merry Christmas To You All!

I cannot believe that in 92 hours, we will be MIA
(Missing in Action) in order to go on MIA (Missions in Asia)!
I feel like I'm leaving this life (in the U.S.) to continue another life (on the other side of the planet). I feel like I'll be warped into a different world for 480 hours and when I return from the "other side", it will be New Year's Day, 2009 here!

I already miss my birdies....and family...and all of you! But I know that God will teach life lessons during this trip and I look forward to sharing with y'all what we learned there! I suppose the most precious gift we can give to is the gift of acceptance, forgiveness, and precious time with our loved ones, and even with those we have yet to meet!

With a grateful heart for all the Lord has blessed us with this year, despite the shaky economy and plummeting stocks in our portfolio, we are bringing the Good News to our brothers and sisters in the churches of Shan-Hai Guan (Mountain-Ocean-View) in the city of Jee-Long (chicken coop). [Note: The Mountain/Ocean view is not one we envision in Santa Monica pier, but rather, "blessed land" located by the ocean cliffs, or cemetary ground...good view for our dearly departed, I suppose! Yikes!).

Thank you for your love and prayers as we embark on our journey. Yesterday hubby was hit with stomach flu and fever, but we know that God is in control and will take care of us even if these doggoneit winter bugs are bugging us.

Oh, here is a few videos of our little baseball boy. The first clip is a batting practice blooper (can you find me and mei mei)? Feel free to turn on your speakers too!

The second clip is the "batter up" during the game.

This last clip is Abbie showing you what she did in the past 3 months while big bro played baseball. She finally mastered the art of self-propelling on the swing!


Hanging out with the cousins

This year the kids had a blast hanging out with all of their cousins! On Friday, we visited little Kyle, Aunt Debbie and Uncle Bruce. We even had a big hot pot dinner and a huge turkey to top it all off!

Our sweet nephew was so excited to have playmates over! Abbie attempted to hold the 1.5 yr old "baby", who was her weight and height but 1.5 yrs her junior. As you can see from the picture, he was a big boy and it was not an easy endeavor. He tried to wriggle free, so she kissed him nonstop until he shrieked in dismay!

On Saturday the kids hung out with their cousins Joshua, Stephanie and Sarah! They had steak and watched a hilarious movie!