Caleb's Big Music-Making Day! Good luck, kid!

In 60 minutes, Caleb will be playing his 2 songs at Mission Viejo library for piano recital. I look back on the past grueling weeks and truly believe that it's easier for me to dissect a goat's eye than getting him to practice his 10 minutes a day.

Many moms tell me that nothing else destroys a mother-kid relationship quicker than supervising the little one's piano (or guitar, or homework) time. I've got a long way to go and much to learn, and in the meantime, I remind myself (and the kids) that in life, sometimes we may not feel like doing something, but if it's worth doing, keep going and don't give up!

After weeks of practice, he's supposedly got the songs down. But the goal is not to play these songs perfectly, but to truly enjoy making music from one's own hands and heart, and serve the Lord with the talents He gave us.

Post Scriptus ~ The recital went well, but we forgot to bring the camera and video camera! (^_*) Arughhhhh!

p.s. BTW, It's interesting that he came home from school two weeks ago and declared he wants to learn guitar. So we went to Guitar City on El Toro and bought him a new nylon stringed, Classical guitar. Normally I won't agree to it so quickly, but good thing guitars are not as expensive as other instruments, and if he enjoys it, he can play for Praise and Worship at church!

After school at Chaparral Elementary, they offer 1- hour guitar classes, so I can watch soaps while he learns something meaningful, what a great deal!

One downside to his learning guitar is that now I have to pick up my brand new (though 3-year-old), dust-collecting Yamaha Acoustic guitar in order to, once-again, supervise and help the kid with his difficult and tricky finger positions....so that's what I'm working on lately, besides watching chinese soaps, shopping, snacking and vegging out on the sofa.

A guy friend from college replied to me on Facebook and says that I should let the kid learn guitar (I was hesitating at first)! He said he found out that girls dig guys who play guitar! If he'd known he'd learn sooner too! So gals, don't be fooled!


Post scriptus: Now it's 4 weeks after he started guitar class (10/14/09), and he's practicing what he's learned so far. Guess what? It's STILL the SAME song! (^_^) lol!


Abbie's Big "4" and Daddy's Big "40"!

Abbie's Big 4! Click here for Slideshow!

Two days ago we had a gigantic Birthday Bash!! Starting from August, every day Abbie wakes up, jumps to my room and asks, "Is it my Birthday yet? I gonna be 4!"

And finally....at 7am on September 19, she jumps on my bed and asks, "Mommy, is it my birthday today? I gonna be 4?" And I can say, "YESSSSSSSSSSS! And by the way, daddy's almost 40, too! We're celebrating his big 40 with homer simpson candle and a big 4-0 candle! Hahaha.....enjoy your last few days of your 30's, baba!

We set up the party place with the help of our early arrived guests (THANK YOU ALL!), then played water balloons, egg hunt, and Pinata! The cow refused to let its goodies out and the kids had to break all of its legs to get the rice crackers (which cracked into pieces big time....not very edible......)

We finally got our lunch 45 minutes after the food was expected to arrive...because the restaurant driver's GPS took him to the other side of Ladera...and he went in the loops 15 times!

We are so blessed to have so many good friends and family! We sang the happy birthday song and friends helped us set up the cake, clean up, take pictures!

Everyone headed off to the swimming pools and water park! Abbie and I stayed and enjoyed our cake when everyone's not looking. She went back and forth between 2 plates of yummy cake slices! Thank you all for your love!

Whether we are 4, 40, or 104, today.....let us live each day to the fullest, because the 'present' is a gift from God!

This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. (Psalms 118:24)


Welcome Back, Everyone!

Whoa, where did the summer go? In June, all the mommies were anxiously counting down to the day school would be out, and chaos will follow as little ones run amuck at home and on the streets. But this week....the kids are BACK to school! All the mommies began cheering and breathing a sigh of relief. Hats off to my dear friend Erinn, who braved the cultural tides and began homeschooling her 7 year old this week! Amazing girl! This summer we enjoyed lots of homemade strawberry banana smoothies (and popsicles) and partying all summer, and suddenly....life is back on school track again!

Caleb was wide-eyed and excited to go back to school! This is the morning of First day of School! Watching PBS kids before school....hehe....

In my backyard I have 6 bell pepper plants that has NOT grown a single veggie in the 5 months I had them! Many times, I was tempted to cut them all down, but was distracted or too lazy to do so. Amazingly....this week I found not one, but TWO bell peppers growing! After the hot 100+ degree summer heat, you'd think all signs of life in our backyard would be gone!

And not only that, but next to it, the withering 'bitter melon' plant that dad-in-law gave us....ALSO showed some unexpected rewards! There it was, hanging happily on the wall without support (due to my brown-thumber's inexperience), are two big bitter melons! I guess it doesn't matter if it tastes bitter.....'cuz they are bitter melons!

These veggies taught me a big lesson this summer! So many times when I feel like giving up (on anything or anyone or me!), I have to remember that it is not I who cause anything or anyone to grow, but God does all the work. I'm a small participant to the One who creates and sustains life! Happy Almost Autumn, Everyone!

Post scriptus:It is 2 days after my blog post, and I noticed the unfathomable.....My bitter melon withered! Not only that, it yellowed! I bet it tastes really bad too....but since it's 'bitter melon', I guess it won't matter if it tastes bitter, right? Oh well, I guess I over-watered it! Maybe too much of a good thing is not good after all! (*_*)