Have You Ever Walked a Frog? (^_*)

"I wanna go out.... and PLAY!!"

Lately the weather warmed up....and Keroppi and Baby Tad are getting restless in their small tank..... looking intently and pointing their little moist noses on the wall of the aquarium.

Wow, it looks so fun out there! So many kids biking!

So I decided that they should get a touch....taste?....of nature! And took them out for walks! They should feel right at home out there!

Boy they are even more hard to find than hamsters.....when they are on the loose!

As you can see, Keroppi (or is it Baby Tad? They are looking almost the same by now!) almost lost me (or I lost her?) on her new escapade! But she had so much fun and enjoyed being....FREEEEE! Glad I was able to retrieve her after that little adventure!   After the little 'walk' (or hop), she was quite content to go back into her tank and hide underwater in her beautiful scarlet chinese bridge!

"You Can't Catch Me I'm the Gingerbread Frog! HAHAHA!"

This was a beautiful, hot week (high 70's) in the middle of January! Enjoy it while you can, everyone! (^_^)

Mommy: "You better come back soon! Or you're gonna DRY OUT, silly!!"



Happy New Year ~ Freezing & Fun! (Part 1)

This year, we kicked off the Brand New 2013 year freezing in Sequoia with church buddies! After our summer visit there....we were...Officially ADDICTED!

The last post, as you can see, was the SAME place 6 mos ago in the summer! It's as beautiful as ever, but very different in just 5 months! Can you believe it? I'm no longer worthy to be called a Blogger with just 2 posts in 6 mos! This past Autumn was a blur....I think because we are busy waiting on our taddies-turned-froggies, hamster princesses, and our latest (as of 24 hrs ago) addition ~ Piyo Piyo (found by Abbie and her little friends on our street)! We are officially Soph's Zoo + Rescue Ctr!

We had tons of fun over Christmas holiday singing Handel's  "Messiah"! Hubby, Father in law and I haven't sang together for 11 yrs (since kids were born), and we practiced hard! The 32 pages were really hard songs! Our buddies from church sang with us too! It was super meaningful!

Then we went to Sequoia on NY day! It was really cold, and snow from pine trees fell on our heads when we trotted the velvety white slopes! The kids had precious moments with buddies as they sled, snow tubed, ice skated, and posed on the mechanical bulls!

I was  surprised that both kids are snow bunnies and totally LOVE sledding and playing in the snow! Meanwhile, I'm chunky, bulky, and shivering in my oversized snow attire! All I wanna do is drink hot milk tea and eat!!

Like fish in the water.....so are Soph's little monkeys in the snow!

The hot pots were so delicious....we all brought yummy ingredients and had many meals of bubbling beefy, veggie, seafood & udon stew! What a blessing to start off the year in the wonderful Creation of God! The majestic nature....trees, snow, animals....inspired us to trust in the Lord as He led us into the new year!

It was so serene as we beheld the iced-over lake, the beautiful slopes, the incredibly tall trees, and the black, starry night! The kids snow-tubed and ice-skated for the 1st time in their lives! We bonded without any TV, iphones, newspapers, internet or computer! Somehow a peace swept over us as we enjoyed the simplicity of nature and friendship!

I came to a realization that.... during these 5 days....though I was 'UNPLUGGED' from the world, the world kept revolving and everyone was fine! Everyone lived life well without my meddling!So it was more important that I spent special time alone with the Lord daily, and asked Him what He wanted for me to do daily....rather than running around making non-urgent calls/ emails, meandering in stores, and surfing away precious time. I really enjoyed the beautiful nature and people in my life....and pray that I will continue to live this year with purpose and meaning, and seek Him in all the choices that I make this year! Happy 2013, Beloved!