Happy 2015 Dears! Ok, I've vowed to at least write one post every other week when I started blogging in 2008. Now....after 7 years, I've gone from at least one biweekly to 1 every.... 7 months!! Yikes! This year has gone half way through! What has happened? Time warp or Alien abduction?

Caleb Shovels!
Abbie's New Invention; SNOW CHAIR!

Daddy Jumps In and Becomes Snow Angel!

Life here in Bucks County has been so exciting! It was kind of traumatic in December when our water heater leaked and died. 

Visited New York Auntie and Uncle!! Caleb has funny pose

Kids Made Yummy Sushi for Grandpa Caleb

3 Generation of Gamblers....
My dad in law Pastor Caleb came from CA at that time and I think he decided not to come this year....after going to YMCA to shower with us for a whole week when we had only freezing cold water.... Then  our air conditioning system died completely so I had to eat junk food, drink hot milk tea, and hold Frosty all day long to stay warm.

I'm Not Leaving Here until I eat 2 snowballs!

 The best part about life here is the SNOOOOOOOW! It came and came and didn't leave until waaaaaay into April! We had so much fun and Frosty stayed outdoors, taking short naps on the snow and wouldn't come in except to eat and drink water.

Don't You Dare throw that Snowball at Me!!


Applying for Christmas Elf position

Autumn Does Not Like Photo Bomber

Cool Christmas Sled Dogs Mama Soph Found Online

The 2 Creepy Kids Photobombed my ONLY PIC with the PRESIDENT!

 We went to Washington D.C. for Christmas vacation, which was super cool! Subways are so nice and convenient, and after almost 1  year here...I am STILL trying to get used to the one lane winding back roads and 3 feet pot holes here!

I'm Snoozing On the Snow tonight,  Mom!

Hubby traveled weekly (or bi) for the most part, and the kids and I are actually enjoying our new adventure here! We are blessed with wonderful neighbors, school friends/parents, and church buds!
My Mother's Day Gift 

Abbie and our Foster Lovebird
Reading Olympics Team Belac (Caleb reversed!)

Relay for Life Event with Buds

French Club Fashion Show 2nd Place Winner!
Fruit Bowl Kids!

Caleb blossomed and made tons of friends here, all of whom are so embracing and love him dearly! He joined jazz band, basketball league and track and field, and kids invite him to play basketball or have play dates (I mean, "hang out").  Abbie suddently entered the tweenlight zone....(mom's version of twilight zone, if you know what I mean)....and has the EQ of a porcupine. 

1st Selfie of Her LIFE!

Caleb holds Madagascar COCKROACH for the 1st TIME!

Hubby and I stay away when we see her glaring, sulking or getting sassy.... IT is really scary how little tweens can be really happy and high one minute then pouting and screaming with fists in the air....the very next second. My  mom said I was like that since I was 5, so this is all normal and will pass. I call it karma...and now it's biting me in the tush.  

SMACK!  Big Brother Bad Bad!!  

The most rewarding experience this past  year has got to be the arrival of my baby #3 Frosty Poo! He has been a terrible toddler since December, but suddenly he's settling into a sweet 1 year old older-toddler! He loves kissing and lick-therapying everyone he meets, and passed his all star puppy and good canine citizen (GCC) classes! All he needs is to pass his 12 step test and he can start his new career as Therapy Dog, M.D.! We will definately have him tested after our exciting trip.... to CA and Alaska this summer! Woohoo!

Frosty Therapying 3 yr old and All the Bible Study Ladies

Shedding Snow Dogs Snow Indoors while it SNOWS outside!

We cannot wait to be reunited with our dear family members and church buds in CA! It has been a long year but actually the year went by really fast too! I am cherishing every day here because we really don't know what God's plan is for each of us, or where we would live (or go to college/work) in the future! There's nothing to worry about but to enjoy the nature and wonderful people in our lives right now!

Happy Spring everyone! Here in PA, the Winter was long so all the flowers suddenly exploded in April and all the locals are popping clairitins like tic tacs! Then late May we went into high 80s and summerlike weather, skipping Spring! I do enjoy all the deers and geese and the the occasional vultures congregating along the country roads....it is definately a jungle out here!

Peace Valley Lake ~ Frosty Screams, "COME PLAY WITH ME!"