Life is like a House with runaway hamsters! (^_*)

I read that yummy nutty scent lures hamsters & squirrels out, so I
put out a jar of Roasted Skippy peanut butter on my living room floor....
This morning I woke up, anticipating my special "Ham, Cheddar and Me" Time alone
when I discovered......*gasp* that..... Hammie is GONE! She's not in her cage.....and both
of the cage doors were not secured! It must be Abbie last night.... The cage is very clean, no poopy....so she must have escaped early in the night!
A VERY tired and raggedy Fugitive ~ Hammy ~
 is FOUND in the noisy laundry room!!
I looked everywhere, upstairs and down......'while Abbie slept (good thing hubby had
left for work).....and after 1 hour...started feeling dizzy (I walked in the A.M. and
worked in the garden before discovering someone escaped...)...

I told Abbie that Hammy excaped, and she looked around with me for another hour....
To our surprise....we saw a little ball behind the dryer when I was putting clothes into
it! I can't believe hammy slept like a baby when it's SUPER noisy in the laundry room!

Super Sleepy... Zzzz.....After a night partying (somewhere in our house)!!

I guess life is like a house with kids & hamsters ~ You never know what you'll get (^_^)!
But it's very memorable when I look back and realize how fun every is....for without
them....Life would be BORING! But I also learned to stay calm....and whenever we run
into unexpected disasters like this.................PRAY!!!!

Happy Summer!


Summer is Officially HERE! (^_^) Chaotic and Fun summer so far!

Hi! I'm Franken-Hammie!

Wow, it's July already! As you can see, life became a bit more
chaotic and unscheduled after school was officially out on our 14 year anniversary! So.....

I can hold a banana chip!

The kids had spent many lazy afternoons playing (fighting) and slip n' sliding in the yard.

We also had lots of fun baking fresh fruit muffins and babycakes....

Chinese babycake pops!

Hmm....which one should I pick?

Banana Almond Muffins

The kids both got Bladerunner roller blades which are super fun and drove hubby crazy as they raced around the kitchen/family room....forwards and backwards!

Abbie started to learn swimming with Caleb's previous swim coach from Irvine....
30 minutes of private lesson a week! She learned so fast that she could swim a little bit
on day 1!

Last week our precious 6 week old little girls "Princess Hammy" and "Miss Cheddar Cheez-It" came home! They are super cute and fun to play with!!

Hi Mommy!

Massage for 30 seconds....
Immediately Zzzz..... like a baby!
Ugh...stuffed my face....gonna toss cookies...and hamster treats!
Hey! No cameras! I'm changing over here !!!!

I tried an up-side-down shot with camera in front of Hammy's face....(^_^)
Happy Summer everyone! I'm looking forward to our
Summer Vacations and the 2012 Summer Olympics!