SEQUOIA PARK 森林大火.......鍋!

All of Us Fell and got Bruised....catching this little Trout (in pink bucket)! Fun Waterfall but Slippery Rocks!

[Google translated funky Chinese directly from English blog below ^_^]




我們與朋友在休姆湖基督教中心的小屋! 我們有一個偉大的時間!我們帶回家的魚從瀑布岩石(不知道這是否是一個飼料魚或潛在的鱒魚)

Here is Our Wild Caught (Netted) Trout! He is very friendly and kind to all the other fishes in our fish tank!
(* Note: Later after hubby googled, we discovered that Seqoi is actually a CA Roach...aka "Bottom Feeder"! Oh well! We love him anyhow!)


Our New Addition "LIZZIEbeth"!

此行令人難忘,我們沒有上網或電話的使用,因此,我們所有保稅 (bonding)真的很好!我們期待和回到教會的朋友回到 Lake Hume!這對我來說是一個非常有趣的第38次生日!

Soph's Birthday Ice Cream Waffle Cone (^_^)!

A few days ago, our family went to Sequoia National Park to camp, and it was so fun and memorable! I didn't shower for 2 days.....first time in my life....and on my 38th birthday too!

We caught lil' trout by emptying his big water hole (1 hr of labor)! Poor fishie!

But I've never had delicious Chinese shabu shabu, steak, Korean marinated Barebeque ribeye and marinated duck wing in the forest before either! The kids had so much fun camping and roasting marshmallows! We had a great time with hubby's friends and also at the Hume Lake Christian Center's lodge on the last day!

Our church Buddy James Woo! (^_^) Just noticed it's not hubby w/me and the kids!

We managed to bring home a fish from the waterfall rocks (not sure if it's a feeder fish or a potential trout!) and also a beautiful baby lizard! This trip was so memorable and we had no internet access nor phone usage, so we all bonded REALLY well!

Beautiful Montana Cabin style Library at James' Lodge

Kids are really good at playing "7"!

We look forward to going back for A Christmas retreat with church friends! This was a super fun 38th Birthday for me!!


What? School is Starting...Soon?

Mama Soph's Dream vacation came true! Put daddy and 2 kids in the back yard to sleep for 4 nights!

I can't believe it....I haven't logged on for over a month, and suddenly school will start in 2 weeks! Where has time gone? I guess I'm having too much fun playing with the hammies, birdies, fishies and screaming at the squabbling kids (^_^)!

12 year old Kobee meets his 2 ten week old hammie sisters!

We went to Vegas for a super relaxing trip! We did nothing but eat, swim, and watch Olympics! With 2 suites with 2 kichens, 2 hot tubs and 4 TVs, this is one of the most laid back trip we've ever had! There was a heat wave going on since the opening day of Olympics....and we've yet to see the end of it.... It felt like we're living in the desert for the last 3 weeks! Very not fun!

We had a good time hanging out with family members as well! Uncle Dan and Auntie Jennifer (Groom and Bride) came to visit us all, and we had a great time together!

Sushi lunch with Uncle Daniel after visiting Dentist Uncle Eric!

Baby Elie and brother Kyle came to our home to visit, and Caleb & Abbie enjoyed hanging out with them!

Caleb was very curious about baby Elie.... He discovered that empty Danimal containers (washed) are fun for babies!

Abbie's new "baby doll"!

We had a good summer hanging out with our friends too!

My Sweet Ju from New York!
Happy Birthday Eric, Charlie and Olivia!

Stephanie comes to play! Making Strawberry Muffins!

Having the hammies join our family was one of the most wonderful and exciting things that happened to us! We have so much fun with them!! They are hilarious and fun, anticipating 'open cage time' so we can hold them and give them yummy treats!

Abbie's favorite pastime.... Hammie in the Hand....

The Sunflowers are taller than me!!

Eat your Veggies, everyone! Napa Cabbage is Yummy!

Prince Charming joined Frogalina (Abbie said she needed a boyfriend) on 8/17....
But I think this little guy (who loves to show off his body) should be named "FLASHER"....don't you think? (^_^)

I must say....the only bad thing that happened this summer was the Plague that hit the Soph residence three days ago ~  Annoying Ant Armies! I was still silently boasting that we have had no ants in the past three years! Me and my big mouth....Seriously considering getting an anteater...

Enjoy the Last Few Dog Days of Summer Everyone!! It was fun and it's time for a Fresh Fall Start! Woohoo!! (^_^) Thankful for you all!