Opening Day ~ Go Trojans!

The season has officially begun after weeks of training (and tornado and rain)! Caleb had a blast and Abbie and I dawned our Trojan-wear to cheer him and his team on.

Abbie cheers big brother on!

Pix taken by Abbie. Here, mama becomes a Trojan!

Caleb runs in and changes to his 'batting' gear!

Abbie plays with "Winnie", our neighbor Katie's doggie!
Katie's son Blake is Caleb's good friend on our steet and on the field! 

Caleb started Little League last year as a 'Rookie' Dodgers player under the guidance of our dear Coach Matt (his buddy Blake's dad). Now he's moved up a notch and is in Single A. Single A teams are very professional and very serious when it comes to training, full-swagger gears, and promptness! I have much to learn from these little guys!

It is very fun to watch these games out in our parks. Just remember to dress accordingly! It's freezing in the late afternoon. Good thing we bought our thick, warm Trojan gears, Abbie girl!

Coach Howard pep talks and praises the team after our opening game.


Our Front Yard Flowery Face-Lift ... after 10 years of greenery!


On Friday morning, Abbie and I decided to head over to the store and haul ~70 Cobbler Rocks and 20 cute flowers to plant in our now 'naked' front yard. After 10 years, I've decided we're done with green shrubs and moving on to a more colorful theme. Abbie's 4+ now and eager to help redecorate our front porch!

Cobbler stones for flower bed edging

It was going to rain any time (or those dark clouds just like to hang out above and spook us...), so we hurried off to buy the flowers and the "teeth-looking" flower bed edging at Home Depot. After I was done hauling the stones to the cart, then to the car, then to the front yard, I'm already panting for air!


We went to lunch at Sam Woo (not Sha-Mu, as Abbie called it in the video)....haha....then came back and got to work! IT was lots of fun, though lots of work. By 6pm, I was so sore and my back was sore! I'm really aging! ~ Seriously considered getting a back replacement ~ .

But it was worth it, and our front yard suddenly looked huge! What an Extreme Makeover, Home Edition!


Happy New Year, everyone! Don't be afraid to try new things, it will really change your outlook and you'll feel great! (Unless....the association writes us and warns us the flowers are 'too simple', or illegal, or something....then we'll have to do another makeover!)

Abbie got sidetracked and started taking pictures of her 'baby'


Happy Chinese New Year ~ Valentine's ~ Olympics ~ Everything!

Wow, this past week was so busy, as we all enjoyed a 4 day weekend filled with gatherings (food!), Olympic watching, steak-eating and Chinese New Year celebrating! Everything was a big blur, but it was overall ~ Fun! Below summarizes what we've been up to for the past week and a half!

* Ate Hubby's Bone (T-bone, to be exact), for Valentine's!

* Met with big brother (it's been over a year since we last got together!), his girlfriend Jennifer, and mom for Chinese New Year lunch and Ban-Shee Seafood Restaurant!

 * Gathered with my cousin Vinny (Vincent!) and his wife Helen and 3 year old (very sleepy and jetlagged) cutie pie boy!

We had T-bone, KFC chicken, veggie and soup, followed by apple pie and fresh-ground coffee by hubby!

Abbie learned how to ride her "Big Girl Bike" with training wheels for the first time and can't stop talking about it!

The kids and I made copies of, colored and cartooned the "Mom's Ministry" flyers. This Single mom's ministry is located in Tustin. We all went to ~ 300 homes to pass them out in our neighborhood. It's part of a "Give a day, Get a day" volunteering project for Disneyland! It was really fun and meaningful! 

We are enjoying the Olympics....Caleb loves to record the figure skating shows, and sees someone fall down and REWINDS so he can watch them fall again, bad bad! (^_^)


Our Family at the Winter Olympics! Snow, here we come! (^_^)

It has been 4 years since the last Winter Olympics! We are so excited! This coming Friday will be the official Opening Ceremony of the Vancouver Canada Winter Olympics! And guess where we are right now?

We always loved watching winter olympics, like the figure skating, bobsled, luge, and ski competitions! So we decided.....Here we go!! Do you see us at the Olympics?

Abbie is already screaming....and they're in the indoor museum display LUGE!

 Ok, Here we go!! Arughhhhh!

Daddy and Caleb and Abbie is very brave....they go on the skeleton (face down)!

Confession of a Blogaholic: Sorry dears, my nose is growing longer....so I have to tell the truth: This is not the Vancouver Winter Olympics, but the Utah 2002 Winter Olympic Park! We were there for our 10th wedding anniversary back in 1998 summer  ~(^_^)~
Have a great weekend!


A Sneak Preview of our RAINFOREST 2010 VBS!

Hi GV Sweeties!

Happy February! Did we already already finish January of 2010? Wow!

Since Uncle Mark is heading this year's VBS again, we give you a special sneak preview of this year's 2010 VBS Rainforest theme! We opened the box yesterday and 'test viewed' the Praise and Worship DVD after we got home from church! We will also (attempt to) bring 2 special guests from the rainforest....can you guess who they are?

In exactly 6 months from today, VBS will be happening right here at our church! Prepare your hearts and mark your calendar! It's happening on August 2 through August 6, 2010!

Answer: Special guests are Kobee bird and Jubee bird! (African Senegal and Yellow-Naped Amazon, respectively!)