Memorable Thanksgiving Time with Grandpa Lynn & Grandma Sunny (^_^)

This Thanksgiving we had a very special time visiting our beloved Grandparents....Grandpa Lynn and Grandma Sunny!

Lunch time at the Restaurant was very Special! Happy Grandpa here!

Since we arrived on American Soil in 1982, Grandma and Grandpa welcomed us and took us in like their own grandchildren! I remember the special times we've spent together, visiting their lovely home, getting baptized in our South Bay Covenant church, and the countless holidays we've spent together with them!

Dearest Grandpa Lynn turns 95 next Monday! We love you Grandpa! Happy Birthday!!!

My siblings and I treasured growing up under their godly example, love and guidance. At the time, there were no Sunday school programs in the church we attended, so Grandpa and Grandma decorated their RV into a Sunday school classroom! Grandpa wore his super handsome blue-striped conductor outfit and hat, rang his bell and hollered, "All Aboard!" Then we'd take out our 'tickets' and he would punch in our weekly attendance cards!

Preparing for our Photo Shoot in the Lobby! (^_^)

Grandpa Lynn loves massages! Praying for your back, Grandpa!

Thank you, Grandpa and Grandma, for your unconditional love! It has been 29.5 years since we met, and we are blessed that we grew up and are now together again this Thanksgiving season!

Praying for one another was a very Treasured time in this trip! We received special blessings from dearest Grandpa and Grandma, just like in the Old Testament times!

Kids also received blessings from Grandpa Lynn ~ What a special time!

We thank the Lord for you!! The Lord bless you both richly, and watch over you every moment of every day! We love you!!