Karate Kids "Go Green"! (^_^)

Wow, I can't believe that it's "Testing Time" again! Every 2+ months the kids 'graduate' from their current (camo) belt and move on to their next belt level (green, in this case)! It's an exciting (and lucrative) sport, it seems....

The kids had a great time practicing for this big day!

I can't believe that school will be out in 2 weeks exactly! We will have 13 weeks of unstructured days ahead of us....I can't wait (tongue in cheek....)....I'm sure all mommies are as 'excited'  (nervous is a better word) as I am! (^_*)

This "testing" was more fun than the past because we got to see the kids 'spar' (fight with funny-looking bullet-proof vest and gears) in a random fashion.....

It was also a treat to see the kids break boards! I didn't know they break boards at this level, so it was very exciting! Caleb even got to break 2 over-laying boards! Reminded me of my brothers when they had taekwondo (and the master was also named "Master Kim")! Now I have to be careful where I place my face....as to not get in their lethal hands' way! The way those boards flew.... worried me a bit.... (^_*)!

The best thing about 'testing + graduation' day, besides getting their brand new belt is........CUPCAKES!

Caleb was very not happy when I wanted to take his picture. This is him
swinging his fists at me (but missed) as I snapped away....

Abbie was a LOT more cooperative and smiled "on command"!