Visiting our dear Uncle Davy's Workshop(^_^)

Abbie draws "A Giant Leaf" for Uncle Davy

Last Autumn (2010), our buddy Peter told the AWANA kids (Friday night church camp) and parents that we have a special guest speaker, Uncle Davy Liu, who will share about his life! We were very excited and mesmorized by the amazing life story he shared with us. As a child, he didn't do well in his studies or music, and felt like an outcast among his peers, God had a plan for him that he did not know at the time. In Jr. high, Davy and his teachers noticed that he was surprisingly skilled in drawing.

Caleb at Uncle Davy's workshop ~ Go Uncle Davy!

After being chosen as 1 of the 8 (out of tens of thousands of candidates) to be a Disney Animator at only 19 years of age, he excelled at his animation drawings (such as Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, Aladdin, Lion King, and Atlantis)! But after 10 years, sensing a bigger purpose, he gave up his lucrative income & career to start Kendufilms, a faith-based film industry making  (magnificient & breathtaking ~ in my opinion) animated biblical movies, for God's glory.

Caleb poses for his caricature by Uncle Davy!

After sharing and book signing that night, I prayed for him and his family. He has a big vision, and it takes thousands to pray and support his ministry. I emailed him letting him know that I can help him edit, translate, whatever, if he ever needed the help. And he replied. So we began emailing articles back and forth, translation, editing, any work that needed polishing.

Caleb the Baseball player ~ and daddy Mark in the back!

On the Sunday before Valentine's, we were invited to his home for hot pot. We met his lovely wife Joan, 14 year old daughter Sabrina, big brother Phillip (from Taiwan), and Mary & Helen who help out Davy in his ministry!

Abbie the Mermaid & her friend Flounder!

The kids were super excited when Uncle Davy told them to visit his workshop, and began drawing caricatures of each of them!

The kids loved playing with Davy. He was not only a kind, patient, gentle artist, but he was also a funny and skilled magician too!

Davy's encouraging gift ~ His hand-drawn calendar! Let's keep serving Him, brother! 

We will continue to pray for his family and ministry, and support him in any way we can. God is in control, and we just need to trust, love, and serve Him, one fine day at a time. Later that week, I was asked to join the team as public relations, translation, and editing gal.

When I graduated from college, I was doing 'drug work'....so, from Pharmaceutical, to Parenting (9.5 years ago at the moment of baby Caleb's arrival), and now to Publicity, my life has turned a new leaf. I needed a Giant Leaf of Faith, and I pray that God can help me take that big step of change and transition. Change is always difficult, but I am very excited to be in this ministry of sharing Christ with the world. A few days ago I had heart palpitations all day and night....Perhaps it is unconsious stress, but I realized that I needed to let Go and let God take the rein. This is His ministry, and He loves every person in this world more than I can ever love them, and I only need to do my part.

 Though it is formidable, and the future is unknown, but I know that God is soverign, in control, and will take care of everything. By your prayers, we can move the hand of God, and trust that He will bring those who do not yet know Him ~ to Himself. Thank you for faithfully following and praying for me all these years. The Lord bless you as you live each day for His glory as well!


Mama Soph's Day Off (26 Hours ~ to be Exact) ~(^_^)~

Soph returns afte 26 hours Off!

This is the day that I had been waiting for ~ My day off! A few weeks ago, I asked hubby to book me a hotel so I can have a mini-vacation, a special treat for 9+ years of hard work as mommy! And so he did! It was something new for the whole family, as I've never been away for more than a few hours since Caleb was born (well, except the week that I was hospitalized...see January 2010 post about my adventures in the hospital)!

Soph's Hotel in Foothill Ranch

The kids were excited and nervous (perhaps unsure of how the day would be without mommy), and Abbie said, "Yeay! I won't need to eat veggies when mommy's not here!"

So Sunday afternoon, I met with my college buddies Julie and Daisy at Spectrum's "Corner Bakery". After that, it was cold and windy, so I decided to go to "The Balcony" to have hot pot. The Shihlin Herbal Pot is REALLY good! I even saw Maggie's family and Wayne's family stroll in for dessert, and they were surprised to see me eating there. Sam asked if I was REALLY eating by myself (no secret rendezvous?), and I assured him that I was....and the empty bowl (previously filled with hot pot veggies) across from my table was no one else's but mine (^_^).

I didn't do much ~ watched Weather Channel that night (^_^)! And MSNBC.

Then I went to Courtyard Marriott, which was nice and cozy. I videotaped the hotel so hubby could see what my room was like (and that he did a wonderful job reserving this place)!

The next day I packed up (after missing breakfast 'cuz I got up too late) and left the hotel for Souplantation. It was a fun and relaxing 2 hours (of eating and reading the whole week's newspapers). Surprisingly, an hour after lunch and shopping at Walmart, I saw my sis in law Jenny's car in the Souplantation parking lot! So like a stalking paparazzi, I parked next to her car, took a picture, left a note on her windshield, then fled the scene.

Hi Sis!! Soph was here too!
It is indeed a small world! I guess one better not do bad things secretively....because there's always someone out there who knows us! On the other hand, I think that's God's way of saying, "Here's a little reminder that wherever you go, I am with you!"

I came home and Abbie took a picture of me. Hubby did a great job with the kids! They ate yummy BBQ pork and empty-heart veggie from Sam Woo, and Caleb even learned new songs on his recorder!

So I learned that kids and hubby are very flexible and sometimes letting go and letting them bond together will bring us moms surprises and rewards! I'm thankful to hubby for the wonderful break! Being a mommy is no easy task, as we try everything we can to influence our kids, 24/7. Taking a step back and recharging myself really helped me see that God is really in control of everything. I just need to do my part, do my best, and maintain a balance in time with God, myself, family, and work! (^_^) Happy Relaxing, mommies!

Snow on the mountaintops outside Marriott


Happy Valentine's Day ~ Surprise from Hubby (Literally ~ A Miracle)

Today is definately a very surprising day! I heard someone enter the house around 5pm, which is very atypical! Fearing it is a burglar, I tiptoed to the stairway to find my very own hubby, carrying lots of Costco purchases, one of which is a huge pack of T-bone steak! As it turned out, he wanted to surprise me (which is literally, a miracle, for those of you who know him long enough)!

Since we started dating 18 years ago, I've already come to the realization that hubby doesn't do holidays. Not Valentine, anniversary, birthdays, anything like that. He doesn't want Hallmark telling him when to love his girlfriend/wife. Hence, I've grown accustomed to enjoying little things each day brings. So today, I'm very thankful that hubby slipped out of work at 4pm to buy and cook me yummy steak (hope boss is not reading this!), and I'm thankful for the little things he does for me every day!

Me in my PJs, not knowing he'd be home w/a surprise dinner!

When we were eating the steak, or actually, chewing through the thick layers of it, hubby said, "Boy, this steak is super tough! I'm losing my touch cooking this thing!" I shot back, "Maybe it's just a reflection of the state of our marriage!" Hahaha! I guess some days we have tender steaks and some days we have tough ones, but most importantly, we enjoy and appreciate the heart behind the beef! (^_^)

Kobee bird imitates hubby's "kettle sound" whenever he boils water for his tea. He had been doing this  several years ago. Lately we've been inviting him to join us for dinner (not as entree, but as a guest!) so we are happy to hear his super cool imitations again! (^_^) 


My Little Leaguer ~ Caleb the Tarheel, Go!

Caleb began his new Spring baseball season! Time really flies... I can't believe he's in his 3rd year of Little League already!

I'm thankful that I have a sweet boy (and girl) who loves life, works hard (in school) and plays hard. Watching him enjoy the love of his life ~ baseball ~ makes me realize that God created everyone with different passions, interests, and talents. Whatever they are, if we use our gifts for the Lord, and enjoy what we do for Him and others, then our life is meaningful and abundant.

Go Caleb ~ Go Tarheels! Enjoy the process, not the result or score. The friendships you cultivate , the challenges you face, the trials you endure, will shape and mold you into the vessel that God will use some day.

Love you and enjoy what you love too!


Happy Chinese New Year 兔 You! (^_^) 2011

Dearest Friends and Family ~(^_^)~

Happy Chinese New Year! I cannot believe how fast time has gone by! Though it's not as festive as it is in Taiwan, we are blessed to have Chinese New Year here in Southern California (as seen by the yummy rice cakes, decorations and new year candies everywhere in 99 Market) ,and in Chinese school too! Today we celebrated with poems, singing, dancing, lion dance, and chinese new year snacks!

We enjoyed watching Abbie and Caleb's chinese classes recite New Year's poems too!

We saw puppet show which reminded me of childhood times when we watched them on TV (and our parents watched them on street corners)! We are blessed for these programs as it gives the kids a glimpse into our childhood and the chinese culture ~

New Year's Snack!!

From Chinese New Year Celebration 2011 (^_^)