Wow, Happy Autumn Everyone!

When school started on 9/2, I became a free mama bird again! The kids would get onto the bus at 6:50am (Caleb) and 8:08am (Abbie), then I would come home and play with my 4 month old baby Frosty. Then when he napped, I would hand feed Kobee, Jubee and Autumn their daily special mesh and supplement! I never imagined not needing to take my kids to and from school..... it's so wonderful!

A month passed and suddenly we are in Autumn season! The leaves are turning red/yellow and are falling and decorating the lawns and pastures with beautiful foliage! The view of Fall is so beautiful here in the Northeast, and every day I can see the different shades glossing the beautiful trees. We are enjoying the periodic rainfall and the gentle breeze, as well as the cool temperatures and crisp (freezing) morning autumn air. Even Frosty hopped onto the wall to enjoy the wind blowing on his muzzle! Speaking of falling leaves.....Frosty is losing his fur like there's no tomorrow! I think he's like Tinkerbell in a way.....I'm afraid to touch him because his fairy dust will start to flow and float, and just fall everywhere. My house is littered with fur bunnies so if you guys come over, just blow it to the corners! I literally spend 50 minutes a day grooming him (make that 70 minutes including wee wee/butt wiping and feet cleaning) and every 2days I can literally make a new dog from the furry clump I gathered.


Abbie turned 9 on 9/19 and enjoyed her first birthday in the Northeast! I gave her a puppy banner surprise and she even baked her own homemade Birthday apple pie! It was SO delicious!

Soph's Digression ~ Last Saturday  I put this on Facebook timeline:
Soph's Peculiar Experience: Yesterday I had a big argument with Abbie at Peddler's Village fall festival. We had to leave in 10 min due to her big tantrum. I haven't had such a big with her since moving here (Philly)! As I was driving I was so angry as I lectured her but I could feel my blood boil! I even contemplated pulling over to the side and give her a piece (more pieces) of my mind.😬 Suddenly, I felt a fuzzy warmness on my right forearm. It was .... a PAW! ... I haven't been this angry in a looong time, both mom n daughter were in a tense car, and was unusually quiet and calm. He has never before put a paw on my right wrist/arm before. When he calmly laid paw on me for a whole 60 seconds, I whispered, "Thank you, Frost..., Thank you. ....". Then after 5 min. He came back next to me and put his paw on me again. I was reading that assistance dogs can sense epilepsy, blood sugar, heart attacks forthcoming, etc. Perhaps Frosty sensed my blood pressure rising😅. I thank the Lord for using any created beings, be it a donkey or a puppy, to remind me that He IS here, He knows our (Parenting) struggles, and that everything will be alright!🙆 Thank you for your love n patience for me!😅



Hubby has been traveling every week for 5 days out of 7, but thankfully the rest of us are settling into a comfortable routine and are relatively healthy!

Abbie opened the November Dog Fancy Magazine and screamed! Frosty's pix is in the magazine!

Frosty has began obedience class 3 weeks ago and is beginning to enjoy his weekly meetings with his 9 puppy classmates! Currently he knows his basic commands, but I think it will take another year before he stops running around in circles every morning upon waking and biting us all in the arms, legs, wherever. All of us have holes on our pants, sweaters, socks...... But when he sees any of the neighborhood kids, he's as sweet as a marshmallow and kisses/licks each of their chubby hands.  At first I thought he may get kicked out of puppy kindergarten because he refused to go into the room, barked incessantly while other pups sat obediently and politely, and peed/pooped (once so far) in class. He initially cowered at the corner and pulled me towards the exit every few minutes. I'm so thankful for Susie (our dear trainer) who is so patient and kind, and helped us feel comfortable and allowed Frosty to be the demo dog to keep him busy!

I miss my dear friends and family in California, but I know that God has wonderful plans for us here. We made wonderful church friends and neighborhood friends, and Abbie even had friends sleepover last weekend! Caleb started playing basketball on Saturdays with 4 new friends and is more outgoing than he every was in the past 12 years. We are very thankful that we have the opportunity to meet a wonderful family (who also moved from CA) last Sunday! We went to Chinatown for dim sum for the 1st time!

Let the wonderful Autumn season begin! Frosty is now 20 weeks and is no longer tripping over the newspaper he picks up for us in the morning!! He is now ~20 pounds and 3 times his baby size!