A Berry Fun Day!

Today, Abbie and I had a BLAST at the Strawberry (Tanaka) Farm in Irvine! I've never seen strawberries the size of plums! Wow! I was chaperoning her preschool class and we got to sit on a huge, dusty, diesel-smelling, noisy tractor (I felt like I was getting deported back to the borders, hahaha ^_^) and the tour guide stopped at various places to show us a vast farmland of vegetables.

So like rabbits, we had a continual feast of raw veggies (e.g. radishes, cilantro, romaine lettuce, sweet snap peas, spinach, and carrots) which the farmer pulled straight from the good organic earth ~ Man, wish I had brought my italian dressing!

Abbie tasted each of them, then threw the veggies out of the tractor (which was acceptable protocol, in lieu of tossing them at parents or teachers, explained the tour guide), but surprisingly, she ate the whole stalk of the carrot! We picked and ate and picked and ate gigantic strawberries like there was no tomorrow.

What a berry fun day indeed! There is nothing like a freshly picked strawberry (and veggie), since all veggies/fruits are picked a month or two ahead of time and taken to the grocery stores.


Go Dodgers GO!!!

We just started Caleb in his very first baseball little league! They practice once a week and games are twice a week. I really enjoy watching Caleb play his games! It's 59 degrees out there and I'm cheering him on in the freezing cold, and it's really fun! I've never joined a baseball team growing up, so I guess I'm living vicariously through him!

Caleb and his schoolmate Blake is on the same team, and Blake's dad is the head coach! The kids develop teamwork, listening, and self-discipline skills during practices and games! Caleb's favorite team had always been "Angels", so at first it was hard for him to dawn the Dodger's outfit. But pretty soon he got used to it! Enjoy my boy! This is your childhood!


The Worst Job in the World

When Obama got elected, I thought he had the worst job in the U.S. How does one deal with so much problems and so many whiners? Well, last week I changed my mind and decided that my job is actually the hardest in the world. At least Obama is paid and is respected (in the beginning), right? I mean, how many dishes and pieces of garments can one wash continuously? And how much spills, throw-ups, dirt, runny noses, other bodily fluids can one wipe nonstop before she permanently enlists herself in the nunery?

This week getting my beloved child to play his piano was the most painful battle for both of us. They say the love of money is the root of all evil. I'd say piano-practicing is (one of the) biggest parent-child tension-creator ever invented. Homework-supervising comes next in the parent-torturing scale.
After two days on the battlefield, I couldn't stand it any longer, and decided to draft up a "To-Do for Caleb" for him to sign.

He wasn't happy about it but signed it anyways. So far the list worked surprisingly well since it gave him a better idea of what basic things he needs to do, and he can do whatever he likes with the free time left over.

I guess being 'unliked' goes with the parenting territory. We may never be liked, but we set healthy, firm boundaries for them for their well-being. It was hard to be unliked but it felt right to stick to boundaries, but he seemed relaxed knowing what's expected of him. I even got an unexpected (but good) surprise from him a few days later.

See? That's a picture of me, and my name too! I'm glad he forgot about our little quibble and made 'me' the very next day!

I guess kids and parents are all human. We just do the best to live with each other peacefully and thank goodness God helps us through the most disfunctional of days!

Sibling Soothie ~

Abbie was unconsolable yesterday.... When she woke up from nap she threw a huge tantrum and nothing helped. After I threw up my hands and went into hiding, I suddenly heard silence after a few minutes. I tiptoed to the family room and saw a very beautiful moment....MUCH different from the blood and tears we saw 3 weeks ago when piano chair rammed into Caleb's face (courtesy of sister). I guess God made big brothers for such a time as this! And he did it better than us parents! After she was happy and content, Caleb proudly said, "See? I calmed mei mei all by myself!"

Attempting to steal some quiet time for myself, I sent the kids on a competition (which always works, since sibs love to compete anyways)! Hey, let's see if you guys can finish your own puzzles in 15 minutes ok? We set the timer, and I run for my magazine time while they raced with each other. Somehow, kids are always competing with each other....but then again, aren't we all?

Ancestral Day Celebration !!

This past week Caleb and his classmates held an Ancestral Day celebration! They sang many songs about family tree and grandparents, and read a biography they wrote about a beloved grandparent!

We had a blast and it was amusing to watch the kids in their ancestral outfits! Caleb looked nice in his 'kung fu' outfit! We had potluck with food from different parts of the world too!


Yikes! More Injuries %$#^$%^!

I can't believe it's March already! Lately nothing much has happened.... Caleb's right front tooth started wobbling more, so I guess it'll be coming off in a couple weeks? The loquats are taking their sweet time to ripen, maybe due to the strange cold/warm/cold OC weather we've been having. Lately I've been having nightmares too! The cold nights compelled me to eat carbo before bedtime (YUMMY pastry from Irvine's 85 degrees Chinese Bakery ~ See's Dark Choco-covered Almonds and Raisins ~ Snacks from 99 Market)....and the next morning I'd wake up with clear recollection of the nightmares before. Nightmares include devil chasing me or there's a plane crash! Wahhh! So if anyone has similar experience, reassure me I'm not going nuts!
(Or am I watching too much TV?)

Yesterday hubby played basketball with the other hubbys at our Grapevine (couples) fellowship. Though he's working off his neck pain with a chiropractor, he proudly announces he's going to have a blast playing with the Big Boys.

Well, afterwards I see him come out of the gym with ice-filled 99 Ranch plastic bag around his hand. Oh great ~ he bruised his thumb and it grew to the size of an egg! He was proud of himself for taking care not to play rough with our beloved friends ~ one of whom is a dentist, since his family's livelihood depended on the functionality of his precious hands. (But...I still think he was rough....'cuz he'll either elbow or rear-end people out of their positions! Watch out, guys!)

BUT...WHY???? (could it be age? or the desire to re-play triumphant moments from life B.C. ~ before children)...did he have to jam his thumb into the basketball??? So now he's officially "disabled", and our family is in crisis. We do NOT have a chef to make dinner! I have to physically cut up the ingredients for him to make our meat dish and I wasn't thrilled about it. He is currently enjoying the pampering since he can't do much with his egg-head hand. Our home is filled with stimulating scents of Ben-Gay and mama is slaving over chores! He realized how important his thumb was....and I realized how important hubby is! Hurry and Heal thy Hand, Hubby! The teenage years are waaaay past us, so exercise accordingly ok, everyone? Safety 1st! ^_^