June ~ The Busiest Month of the School Year! (^_^)

Hubby's Father's day Gift 2010 (in hubby's hand)!

This is the busiest month ever! I look back in the past 22 days and there was so much going on!

Abbie showers with Kobee, then later Kobee tries to bite her ~

We had Abbie's graduation, Julie's wedding, Hubby's company picnic, Caleb's school musical [previous posts]; Then,  we had Caleb's Teacher's appreciation/End of Chinese school year ceremony!

We also celebrated Father's Day (Hubby got a glass Pyrex lunchbox, just what the hubby asked for!), which was also our 12th Year Anniversary (which we spent vacuuming and sweeping hundreds of broken pieces from the floor lamp Caleb knocked down). 

Pastor Lin shares Father's day message & asks for volunteer dads to wear ties

Coincidentally, Caleb plays offering music on Father's day Sunday at church.

I also stopped by Caleb's school today to visit and remember the wonderful times Caleb and friends had in Mr.Trager's class. They had a class party with hot dogs, watermelons, and root beer floats!

Flower and Autographed Card for Mr. Trager!

Picture of Mr.T's cute 3rd graders!

Caleb's last full day of school!

It is a fun month indeed! Tonight I baked some Chocolate Chip cookies for the kids (and myself) so we can relax with sweets (and sugar high)! Have a Fun Summer everyone!

Soph's Choco-chip cookies

More pleez!

Addendum: Today ~ June 23rd ~ Is Caleb's last morning of school. This is his expression:

Deer in the Headlights expression.... or Disbelief?

At Dismissal today, Caleb hugs Mr. Trager goodbye! See you in the Fall!


My Sweet Boy ~ In a Musical !

It is so cute to see my little baby.....singing in a musical and actually dancing with a girl! He would hardly let me get close enough to give him a hug or a sloppy kiss, so it's so touching to see how his teachers could actually get him (and all 60 kids) to square dance and swing dance with one another!

Our neighbor Alexa did so well too!

The musical play was about the origin of Orange County. They sang several neat songs relevant to Orange County and even "Take Me Out to the Ball game" and "Surfin' USA"! This is so cool!

He was "Walt Disney" and spoke one line (with his oversized suit and Angel's baseball cap)....

Enjoy your childhood, sweetie! I'm so proud of you!


Soph's Guest Blogger ~ 8th Grader Susan!!

Surprise Party for the Liu Family ~ Baby #4 !

Hello, I'm guessing about one third of you reading this would know who I am. I am Susan, a friend and fellow Christian to Caleb and Abbie. For the past month or so, Caleb and I have teamed up to teach the children at our Friday night Bible study. 

Finally ~ 3 Pink and 1 Blue!!!

Last Friday, unbeknownst to me, our group hosted a surprise baby shower for my mother, who is giving birth to her fourth child and first boy in about a month. The children, all hyped up on pizza and donuts, were crazy, jumping everywhere, running everywhere, and fighting everywhere. 

The Author and their new lovebird, Melody!

What started as two of the boys hitting each other with stuffed animals quickly turned into half of the children teaming up and waging war against each other (the other half was playing Super Smash Bros Brawl on the Wii). At one point, all the girls minus the three to four year olds and me, plus some of the boys decided to gang up against poor Caleb. Although, he could have used taekwondo, he didn't because he was being so patient and kind to the children. I, of course, sat back and watched the show through the camera lenses of Caleb's phone. :) 

Was it just me, or did it seem like Caleb had a lot of fun playing with the children? Abbie wasn't there because she had a sleepover to attend to #sopopular. From what Abbie and Auntie Sophie have told me, Caleb has really opened up and made so many friends. 

Not only that, but he has also become a well-liked teacher at Bible Study. Thank the Lord for all his blessings and allowing me, the children and the adults to meet such a vibrant family. Oh, and I really love Frosty. 

** Thank you to dear Susan for her wonderful blog post! I'm so honored to have such a lovely little lady to write for my 2nd post of the year! If your kids are interested in joining our Saturday night Youth fellowship, Grades 7 and up, please contact me or Susan and we would love to see you there! The topics are especially for today's teenagers and you will LOVE learning, having fun and hanging out with the teens and Uncle Mark and Pastor Aaron! ~ **


Hubby's Alcon Company Picnic

It was fun to go to hubby's company picnic yesterday! There were lots of bounce houses for the kids, rock climbing walls, tons of  food, raffling, and even fishing and boating!

It was the first time our family went boating together. From the video, you can clearly see how "h-a-p-p-y" hubby was (and screaming at me for not helping him row the boat but videotaping instead....). Notice we were going in circles on the boat ~(^_*)~

I tried to fish, and so did hubby and the kids.....but we caught absolutely nothing (except a branch on the bottom of the lake, which I waited patiently for 20 minutes thinking it was a catfish....).

But hubby's buddy D.B. caught a big catfish (twice!)

The kids loved going on this really scary slide with only a thin towel under them. Abbie was an inch below the "You Must Be This Tall" line, but was able to go on the ride holding daddy's hand.

It's fun to be there (for almost 4 hours!), having a lake and all the food and games to ourselves (and the Alcon employees)!


Abbie's First Graduation ~ From Preschool! (^_^)

Today is a very special day. Yes, it's Primary Election day, but no, it's special because it's Abbie's Graduation from Preschool! In fact, it's RSM Calvary Chapel's Kids Kingdom Preschool very FIRST graduation ceremony, since the school opened just 9 months ago, in September 2009!

So Abbie and her 3 friends: Adam, Kaitlyn, and Megan are the FIRST graduating class in this school!

The kids were very excited, and anticipated this day for many weeks! They even made their own Graduation Hat and Tassles! Very talented for kids who are just 4+ years old! They will be going to Kindergarten in September 2010!

They were awarded their Preschool Diploma, Summer Kindergarten Workbook, and a gift certificate at TGIF for a year well done! The kids loved their special graduation cake (with all their names on it too!) Thank you so much!

Thank you Miss Rachel (our principal), and all the teaching staff! We love you Miss Rossy, Miss Daniella, and all the teachers at Kids Kingdom!

Abbie fell in love with your school in August, when we drove by your church campus! There were no teachers and no friends, but she immediately told me, "I wanna go to this school, mama!" And so she began as the FIRST student (and first "napper") in the school, followed by 3 friends who joined her shortly!

The love, care, guidance, and Bible stories/verses she learned in your school will stay with her forever! Thank you so much! We love you!

Princess Julie & Prince George's Disneyland Wedding!!

This Saturday we attended the most magical fairy tale wedding in our lives!! It was an honor to be able to be a part of the wedding of my high school friend George and college buddy Julie!


                 Wedding Slideshow                  


The got married at Disneyland's rose garden and we all gasped when we saw the horse-drawn glass carriage! My dear Julie arrived in the beautiful stagecoach and we felt like we were part of a princess movie production. The horseman even brought the bride and groom's rings inside a glass shoe on a royal pillow!

Ring in shoe!

Here is your ring!

Newlyweds 2010

All the guests took pictures with the bride and groom, enjoyed cocktail time, then sat down for a fancy banquet at "Sleeping Beauty Pavillion"! It was so fun to witness and celebrate their big day with them! We had a blast eating the delicious buffet banquet, dancing with the friends, and hearing the touching speeches!

The kids were so pampered to have 3 nannies take them to "Goofy's Kitchen" where they eat all-you-can-eat-buffet with chip and dale, goofy and other characters! Then a princesses came and did magic show and made balloon animals with them!

Have a happy life together, my dear friends! This is only the beginning of your adventure as a couple, but with God's help and unfailing commitment to each other, you will have a happy and exciting life together! We love you!