A (Homemade) Memorial Day (and Wedding) Song for my Beloved!

*~ Dearest Beloved Buddies ~*

Happy Memorial Weekend! I can't believe we're almost halfway through the year 2010! It has been a very roller coaster year so far, but we experienced God's miracle big time! I want to take this opportunity to thank our troops who put their lives on the line in and out of the country to protect us, so we can eat, sleep, work, blog without worries of attack or terrorism. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

I caught a video of Caleb playing the perfect song for this weekend.....Star Spangled Banner! I was surprised our dear teacher assigned this particular song 4 days ago, but it's PERFECT for the occasion! Our boy does NOT like to be filmed, so I have to sneak up on him quickly, record him, and run!

I was also surprised the teacher assigned "Here Comes the Bride" song this week! It's another perfect timed song to give to Caleb, since our beloved JuJu (my college buddy) is getting married at Disneyland next week! So.... THIS song's for YOU, Ju and G!

                         Here Comes (Julie) the Bride ~ from Caleb

Love and hugs! See you all next month!

The Beautiful Tidepools at Laguna Beach

When hubby's auntie and uncle came, we also took them to Laguna Beach! We have never gone to the tidepools there before, so it was fitting that we venture out and see it with our guests!

See the crab upside down?

It was so beautiful to see the barnacles in the tidepools, as there are hundreds and hundreds of them! And if you look carefully, you will actually see lots of little crabs (fighting) in there! And there are also fishes in the shallow tidepools, and GIANT seaweeds too!

We had so much fun climbing the rocks and looking at the pretty seashells! Abbie threw a tantrum right there and there when it was time to leave, but we were there for 1.5 hours already!

So next time you come down this way, remember to visit Laguna Beach, dears!

Abbie loves to play in the sand!

Lots of shells and barnacles!


Soph's Family Reunion Dinner & Caleb's Trojans Playoff game!!!

Caleb Hits!

Caleb fields

This past weekend was very special and memorable. Our family hasn't gathered in one room (or field) for several years, with all members present! We were all here cheering on Caleb's team Trojans verses San Diego State!

My Handsoem Bros!

Mom and daughters!

So it was very wonderful to have everyone here, especially big brother Daniel who flew all the way over here from Wichita, Kansas to celebrate Mother's Day with us!

Little bro went to Taiwan to study and hang out with dad for 2 years, and moved back in February to live and work here permanently! So I'm very excited about that!

Sis has started working in Feburary too, after staying at home w/little Kyle for 2.5 years. She's busy but doing well! Thanks to bro-in-law Bruce for caring for Kyle 'while she relaunches her career again!

Uncle Dan throws Abbie

Hmmm....Interesting way to bond?

We all met at Cox Sports park, the baseball park next to our house. We cheered like the spectator parents on TV, and shouted until we lost our voice. Big bro says, "I'm a Bruin (undergrad), but I screamed until I lost my voice!" Sis Debbie is truly a Trojan (grad), so she cheered without reservation. Hubby and I, well, we graduated from SD (undergrad), but we betrayed our collegiate team in order to cheer our son on. GO 'SC!!!! 

Caleb pitcher

Hubby made his super premium Ribeye steaks using cast iron and special S&P recipe, and we devoured all of them! Mom brought curry and special crispy center sponge cake from "expensive lady" chinese bakery in Rowland Heights. We all had a blast eating and playing with the kids afterwards.

Hubby steak!


We treasure this time we have together and though we are not together all the time, we know that God is watching over each of us. The Lord bless you, dear family, and be with you in all you do!

~ ~ You are all precious in God's (and my) sight! ~ ~


Happy Mother's Day! Our Celebration at church (^_^)

I cannot believe a year has passed! I was watching the video from our precious munchkins LAST year when they sang on Mother's Day, and wow, they have surely GROWN!

They are no longer toddler-looking but little ladies and gentlemen now! Boy, I am going to miss them so much when they go to college....tears....

                              Mother's Day 2009 Sunday School Preschoolers Singing

                                    Mother's Day 2010 Sunday School Preschoolers Singing

We had a Sweet & Memorable Mother's Day Sunday worship! The Praise and Worship was very beautiful, and the message from Pastor Al was very encouraging and touching too.

I chuckled  when I saw that moms spend about 180 minutes in a child's day with them (verses dad ~ 10 minutes), and laughed when he said statistically 80% of moms are the first to wake up in the family. In our family, Caleb is first (to get up and play Zoo World), followed by daddy (who prepares him breakfast and chauffeurs him to school), then mommy Soph, and finally Abbie.

Kids sing

The message was followed by a short, touching video (looks like Japanese animation) to encourage those who unexpectedly lost their moms (or other family members) early in life. It is very difficult to keep walking, but we must keep going, knowing that one day, we will meet them in heaven. Thanks for the video, pastor Allen!

The chinese school kids sang very sweet songs, and gave out flowers for the 150+ moms in the congregation.

Pretty Flowers for Moms
After lunch, we visited mom in law at the hospital. She was happy to see us and could recognize us! Then we took dad to Kobe, a very yummy Japanese restaurant walking distance from dad's apartment.

We treated dad and he paid the bill. The sushi chef, Jacky, has known dad in law for 10 years! He always gives us delicious BIG portions of fish when we visit! I guess caring for dad and keeping dad company was the best mother's day gift we can give to mom!

                  Grandpa Caleb says prayers before dinner and Abbie prays too!

Abbie loves tempura shrimp   Caleb eats a lot for dinner!!Jacky the chef, our buddy! Abbie loves Hamachi Kama

The day was wonderful, and though Abbie dented it alittle (by breaking our camera after dinner), we are thankful that God gave us loved ones in our family and God's family so we can learn to love one another unconditionally.

Asked 4 yr old (Sophie Wu) to take a picture of me, 'cuz my hubby and kids were too busy playing!!

The LAST picture (Can you tell it's hubby?) by our camera... after Abbie dropped it with lens open..... (*_*). Even then, we had a good Mother's day (and I am about to get a new camera! ^_^)

Happy Mother's Day Everyone!

 The "Walking Tour"


Caleb Surfing at Andrei's Party! (^_^)

Two weeks ago, Caleb went to his very first beach/surfing birthday party! His good friend Andrei (his Hummingbird Science Project pal) and 3 other friends went to the beach and skinny (?) surfed!

It was so wonderful to see that our little precious babies are growing up into big boys, socializing and making friends all on their own! Cire, my neighbor/mommy friend and Andrei's mom, has done a spectacular job preparing for, and I quote Andrei, "the BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY" ever!

We are so blessed to be party of this celebration! Caleb learned how to skinny surf from the other boys, and had a great time getting buried in the sand!

They had a great time picnicking and eating lots of yummy food too!

The boys are so handsome together and we are so happy to have good friends in Ladera! Soon they'll be off to college so I will cherish these moments....

Happy Birthday and have a blessed Big NINE, buddy! We love you!


Another Mother's Day Surprise ~ From my dear Ju Ju!

An hour ago, while I was watching my soap opera,  we heard the doorbell ring. I was upstairs and heard  hubby talking to someone. Then he hollered for me to come down. I reluctantly told him I am not dressed to see visitors, and he said, "Just Come Down!!"

In his arms, he held a BIG BOUQUET of EDIBLE FLOWERS! I was so surprised! He nervously asked me who my "Secret Admirer" was. On the card it said, "To Soph", and I immediately thought of my beloved college buddy Julie!

Then I saw in the card it really was HER! And her fiancee George! What a great surprsie! Abbie immediately started licking the Strawberries, and I had to shoo her off like a fly so I can videotape and take pictures of our beautiful surprise gift. Caleb loves strawberries! He is still at Andrei's birthday party so when he returns, I will give him 4 big strawberries! Yum! They are all VERY sweet! I remember a few months back I saw an Edible Arrangement ad in the magazine and dreamed of getting one. Now my dream came true! (^_^)

I am so blessed! Thank you Ju and G so much, and I am thankful to the Lord for good friends! Happy Mother's Day everyone!