Chaparral's Jog-A-Thon was as Festive as Ever! (^_^)

This year, our Princpal Joe continued to promote a very healthy activity on campus called "Jog-a-Thon". The kids continue to run for 26 minutes (or walk, if they run out of gas)..... and there are water stations they can stop by to get drinks. This is good because the kids get used to running and exercising with their friends, a terrific physical and social activity!

Another Mannix Maniac Moment!
 Caleb was accompanied by his classmates and all the 4th graders at Chaparral, and even the teachers (and daddy Mark) joined too! It was great to see them run so well and Caleb ran 20 laps (6 laps = 1 mile)! Hubby Mark chats with Mrs. Mannix in the video....good job guys!

I enjoyed watching father, son, and tons of kids exercise and enjoy life together. These are the times we can spend with them carefree, when they still WANT to hang out w/us. It will be hard 30 years later for them to run leisurely with us (imagine how busy their schedules would be....just like us now!). So I'm savoring every moment. The class picture was super wonderful too! Mannix Maniacs were all in blue and Mrs. Mannix said their team name was ironic since the kids are all very gentle and super nice!

Mrs. McLaren lines up the Runners!
Abbie's class ran 2 hours later....And before they began, Mr. McGann showed them some interesting moves...

Mr. McGann, are you showing them how to break dance?

Abbie had a blast as this was her very first Jog-a-Thon! Mrs. McLaren stretched and did 'Jumping Jacks' with them before the race began!

She was very excited as she began to run her first lap and also see her 3rd grade buddies from Mr. Trager's class come cheer them on too!

I was taking videos at first, but was later dragged into running with them as well..... I realized how little I had been running the past months and was soon out of breath AND sore for days afterwards!

The class picture was super cute too! Thanks for all the hard work everyone!!

Caleb's Class "Boot"!
Abbie's Class Boot!

Principal Joe & Office Staff  Boot!