Memorable Memorial Hike!

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We had a blast on Memorial day, hiking in Nix Nature Center in Laguna Beach with 12 families in our fellowship! We had so much fun and even saw a rattlesnake basking in the sun by the trails!

We feel so blessed to have so many brothers and sisters in Christ who travel the parenting journey alongside of us. We share our challenges, joys, and sorrows with one another, as brothers and sisters. Whether it's parenting, marriage, career, or health struggles, we are here for each other. What a blessing it is!

We had lots of fun at Oso Creek Trail Park in Mission Viejo and a delicious picnic brought by everyone! Then we hiked a short distance and the kids enjoyed the playground nearby! We (moms) kept eating....again! The volleyball 'training' session was very memorable too!

We also had an impromptu dinner at our home...with two lucky leftover families after the hike! That's the first time they visited our home and we had fun (and lots of mango ice cream by Dreyers!)


Pizza Party and Graduation ~

I can't believe how fast this baseball season has gone by.... It seemed like only yesterday that I was complaining about how many practices, games, uniform washing, snack packing that needs doing. We had an End-of-the-Season Party at Lamppost Pizza and it was bitter-sweet!

During the party, I looked at all his teammates and parents celebrating, and a sudden flash-forward of 10 years from now ~ Caleb's High School Graduation, Class of 2019 ~ crossed my mind.

He's half way done with his schooling (pre-college), and in ten years will we be celebrating with other parents just like we're doing now? I was looking at our home and we bought it 9 years ago (and saw it get built over 6 months, from dust to completion) ~ yet it seemed like it was only yesterday that we moved in! In 9 years, Caleb will be ready to leave for college, yet it was only like yesterday that we brought him home from Mission hospital!

I savored our spaghetti/pizza dinner, realizing that as difficult and messy as it is raising little boys and girls, soon enough they will be spreading their wings and embarking on their own journey! Number our days, my beloved, because each day is a present, and should be cherished and lived to the fullest.


When Mama Was Out...

Last time when the moms were out celebrating "Girls Day Out", what were the dads and the kids doing? Finally I found out what was happening when hubby revealed pictures from that fateful day...when moms roam free...and so do dads and kids!

It looks to me like Abbie's found a niche hanging out with big brother and his baseball buddies! Dad was impressed she made her presence known by standing in the background.

I guess she didn't cry and tantrum like I envisioned. Man, she looks like she doesn't even notice I'm gone! I guess she's having a blast with daddy, big bro, and all the boys! She charmed daddy into taking tons of pictures of her! It's great to see their "Daddy and Daughter" time!

Here is the aftermath of mom's 6-hour escapade. The evidence of my THREE children (39-year-old included) home alone!


What a Happy Mommy's Day!

I had so much fun at the Mom's Day Out with about 10 moms in our Fellowship yesterday! That was the most relaxing 6 Hours we had in a long time! For the complete Cinderella story, click on Cinderella 2009 !
Today we had a blast at our Mother's Day Worship at church! The kids all sang for their mommies and we were so touched!

Then there was the baptism of 3 of our beloved mommy/daddy friends in Grapevine fellowship, followed by the baby boom of 10 dedications of our very own babes! This is one of the most memorable weekend we've all had together!


What the Doctor Told Me ~

This has been a very slooooooooooow week for us here at the farmhouse.... Life is going by in slow motion because we've been cooped up all week at home due to my babe's unrelenting fever. It stubbornly remained at 100-102.8 degrees no matter how religiously I drug my little girl, alternating between the infamous Tylenol and Motrin elixir. With her coughing and sneezing all over me (intentionally), I started to zap my own ears periodically, feeling a bug of some sort coming on too...since I'm always so sleepy, tired....and hungry.... maybe I'm just getting 'cabin fever'?

Finally, today being D-Day (Day 3!), I called our respectable pediatrician, Dr. Kim, and squeezed her in an appointment. All these days of cough & runny nose, plus her undiminished energy level, led me to believe that it is just the typical cold. But the fever refusing to let up made me somewhat suspicious. I'm thankful for the moms who called and emailed, suggesting that we head to the doc office (esp. with the swine flu hot on people's radars, better just go and give everyone a peace of mind).

Dr. Kim told us that she actually does have the regular cold (See?), plus a little complication as it detoured into bronchitis (Oops!). So we left the doc office with Zpac antibiotic 5-day prescription. I feel so much better knowing what's going on in there, and O.Ded. on a McCafe Iced Mocha to celebrate this revelation and now I'm actually feeling quite wired....or is it weird?!

This past few days of staying home reminded me of how life was with a newborn... And how we cannot do anything or go anywhere but sit and worry about how severe our kid's sickness is. I realize how much I relish control and routine, when kids go to school regularly and I go meandering (in the mall, Target, or neighborhood trails). It also made me cherish the times that our kids are healthy, since I've sort of taken that for granted these past few months.

Came across this ultrasound picture today. Ok, I thought that was really neat. Not sure how they do that?! A bit scary though.

Finally, here is our fever girl ~ How would anyone suspect she has bronchitis based on how energetic she looks?
Thanks so much for your prayers and for bearing with me!