Celebrating my Parent-in-Law's 金婚 50th Anniversary! (^_^)

We had a very wonderful and touching 50th Wedding anniversary celebration for mom-in-law Esther and dad-in-law Caleb! 

Thank you all for coming to mom and dad's 50th Anniversary! (And for those out of state, for your prayers!) We are super blessed! It's great to have bros and sisters in God's family who have been with us all through the years!

Big brother Samuel shares about family life with mom and dad

Below are different videos I was able to take in the midst of slight chaos . The kids were excited and nervous at the same time! aleb practiced 2 songs for a few weeks, and on the BIG DAY, as grandparents requested, played them as people were ushed into the sanctuary of our church. He appeared nervous, but we were so proud of him for playing the songs (Mission Bells & "Love is Patient") to bless grandma and grandpa.

All the kids and grandkids sang "In the Garden", mom's favorite song, to surprise her! Grandpa joined us too! Abbie can't read, but faked reading the song sheet quite well (^_^).

Stephanie did a wonderful slideshow which made me feel like high school again with the cool songs she incorporated into it! Joshua and Sarah also played clarinet and violin, respectivelyand we loved the music they shared!

Joshua plays clairnet for grandparents

After the service, we had tons of good food catered from chinese restaurant and a special "Lechon" roast pig too! We were blessed to have 350+ people attend the party, so many that when I got to the "lechon" tray, only a pig head was left! (^_^)

Thank you all for your help and for making this party so memorable and touching! We are blessed by all of you, especially for your prayers!