Miracles Happen Every Day ~ Like Today! (^_^)

When hubby and I looked back at the last 3 months, it seemed like a Dream! Actually, more like a nightmare in the beginning, but now as life unfolded, we realized it was a MIRACLE!  We couldn't imagine life to take on such a dramatic transformation in merely 88 days! When God is at work in our lives, Boy.... His plans are monumental and life-altering!

One day early August, hubby saw a pop-up on the corner of his LinkedIn screen as he worked on his resume. It said, "Micro-Catheter Engineer, Johnson & Johnson. So he thought it sounded interesting, had something to do with eye and catheter (his background), so he sent in his resume online. Then he forgot about it. At Sequoia, he received a voicemail about phone interview with HR in Johnson and Johnson but he had no idea what job this was. In September, after the phone interview, he was asked to have an on-site interview at the Pennsylvania headquarter of J and J....on his 44th Birthday Eve!

It was a grilling 6 hours interview (plus lunch...but their on-site cafeteria, chefs who cooked to order, and huge grilled catfish entree was unforgettable!), but he was very impressed with the talented scientists, the wonderful potential boss, and research team there! So on his birthday eve, he completed his only on-site interview in this career-search journey thur far.  This week....we got the official (PAPER) offer letter and related forms, and we so shocked and grateful. God is soooo good and this whole process had His fingerprints all over it! Hubby had applied for about 80 jobs from SF down to SD, and a couple of them in the East Coast. We had no in-person interview at all (but lots of phone interviews which didn't lead to further interviews). Had he not change his job to Bausch & Lomb last May, he would not have been laid off this August, hence we would still be living status-quo as the last 16 years had been!

Hume Lake in Sequoia (Hume Christian Center)

We were also so blessed because this job description seemed far-reaching, yet they hired hubby. Hubby applied for the micro-catheter Engineering position, but they hired him to work with the design contract company on the actual console (macular degeneration machine) itself! It is a job more for Electrical Engineers, it seems (^_^). We spoke with friends and family, and realized that many of their parents had macular degeration, and they themselves were at risk as well. We are so thankful for this opportunity to venture out into a new life and a new world. I feel like a college freshman to be.... ready to spread my wings upon the big, vast, mysterious, yet inviting sky!

Do you Think Our 3 Amigos are ready for Philly? Or Not?

Getting the chicks used to SNOW....by giving them ICE cubes! They were confused!

If we did not face layoff the last 3 months, we would never have dreamed of going to a wonderful company like Johnson and Johnson, and actually MOVING to the other side of the  United States! Thankfully it is a beautiful place with New England states just a couple hours train ride away! God is so good, and his blessings are unfathomable!

What to Do when Waiting for Offer ~ RELAX!
So We all watched the new Japanese drama:  DOCTOR X  !! REALLY GOOD!

Thank you for standing by us in the whole journey....not only was it a job-hunting journey, but a soul-searching one as well. We will continue to update about our migration to the East as soon as information arrives! Our biggest head-scratcher at this time is.... HOW do we relocate our whole zoo? Perhaps our feathered friends all can fly East for the winter and save us a bundle on pet transport!