After 2.5 years, kids are getting even closer to BLACK belt! (^_^)

CONGRATS to our Red Belts ~ ~ 9 months to go!! (^_^)

I still remember the day I decided that the kids are DEFINATELY going to do Taekwondo (aka: Take-My-Dough)...... and that was the day they had a big cat fight in my Honda Odyssey.....in which they literally demolished the DVD cords which were attached to the dual car-mounted DVD monitors! I think we were stuck for like forever in the minivan coming ALLLLLLLLLLLL the way back from Victoria, Canada to our home in Ladera Ranch, CA. The summer trip was a 12 day live-out-of-suitcase-trip traversing all states on the west coast. NEVER do that, EVER!

I almost abandoned ship when the kids flipped out that day and wanted to jump on a plane and let hubby and kids can come back by themselves...... So I decided that moment....that as soon as we get home, I'm going to sign BOTH of them up so they can fight PROFESSIONALLY! Let Mr. Kim teach these wild youngsters how to respect and cohabit with one another without breaking each other's body parts! Hence, ever since August 2011, Mr. Caleb and Miss Abbie officially joined our Ladera Ranch ATA Taekwondo Martial Arts! (Btw, they still fight all the time, only now more fearlessly and forcefully. Respect for one another is out the window (unless they are in public with complete strangers, of course). Their monthly advancement in belt color and ranking is actually making my physical discipline extremely difficult because they can now swiftly and reflexively block all my angry swats and run/dodge as fast as my flying chickens!

From innocent little White Belts, they spent the last 2.5 years working their way up, faithfully attending classes twice a week, tournaments once in awhile, and testing every 3 months.....(and mommy & daddy paying week by week.....by week......) to be where they are today!



Little RED belts they officially are....as of today!!!.... they are now officially 9 months or so from getting their BLACK belts!

Come to think of it, they will definitely have to finish their red gold bar belts and recommended black belts.... in the Philly suburbs somewhere! That's ok, the MOST important thing about parenting is to Savor the NOW and worry later about where in the world the new ATA place (on the other side of the country) may be!

This Blog post is dedicated to daddy Mark, who is still freezing like Snowman in the blizzard-ridden Philly! Your kids did superior today! Great job!!

Cupcakes ALWAYS follow a new color belt!!!