What? 40? Who, Me?

I didn't realize how fast this year has gone. I can't believe that after the selling of our CA home, the buying of the PA home, the Actual Move here, the Unpacking, the Picking up of Puppy.....6 months has passed and I'm staring at my BIG 40 in the face!  Thankfully, when I'm with my loved ones (friends, family, college buddies), I don't feel a day older than when I stepped onto the beautiful campus of UCSD as a sprouting, innocent, excited freshman in 1992! 

Who can resist these pleading eyes? No pup, no cake for you!

My buddy Julie from college and my Cerritos high acquaintance George (both were married in 2010 to each other!) came with their sweet little girl to celebrate my big day early! We had lots of fun hanging out and enjoying the dinner and sleepover. Frosty loved having company over and we chatted and had delicious meals and yummy Strawberry cake from Coldstone Ice Cream place!

Cake was Melting! I forgot to make a wish and just BLEW it all out!

 No matter how old I get, I'll relish and cherish the special friends I've made over the years, and keep thanking the Lord for their love and support of me and my loved ones all these years! Thank you sweeties!

Frosty Eyeing my last big piece of cake!


Life with A New Baby ~ With FUR!

Ok.....  So I thought that I was done having babies 8.5 years ago..... But apparently I forgot that my last baby begot more baby.... with paw and fur! Life with a new bundle of joy and slobber was a barrel of fun....and surprises! I had forgotten how wonderful it is to wake up at 7:45am most days..... But instead now I have a natural alarm sounding like, "Arf....Arf...Grrrr....(wimper)....Arf!" each morning between 6am and 6:10am!

Frosty Flurry Tsaikovsky is super cute, so even though he pees like a camel, nips our heels/pants/legs, and barks at everything including:  Lemons, doorstopper, jingle bell, food bowl, everything! Yet we still love him to bits! The last time I was full time doggie caregiver was in 1992, when I was a senior in Cerritos high school! And now after 22 years, I'm back at being a doggie-holicism because they are so cute, innocent, and love you no matter what! (^_^)

Best friends napping together

I haven't slept past 6:10am since we brought him home from his breeder Maine on July 4th weekend! Still, I enjoyed this precious new adventure with my little furball because we all are enjoying the Philly suburbs as a brand new family of 5!

Little Frosty was at first a helpless case of potty training failure. He would be taken out for potty breaks, then come into the house and immediately squat and dribble dribble right in front of our eyes!

Mommy I've been good! Can I have my kibbles now?

Or it'll be raining and he'd sit and refuse to budge, leaving me standing in the thunderstorm holding a big umbrella (yet dripping wet) while he looks at me and tilts his head by the sliding door in the house.

Since Day 1, Frosty pup loved sleeping in the 1 feet of space between sofa and wall

I call him "Bat Man" because when the noon sun hits him, the silhouette of his head and ears resembles Batman (with a very round head)...
Favorite Spot: The A/C VENT (9 weeks old)

Favorite Spot: The A/C VENT (13 .5 weeks old)

And also because he would NOT walk to his potty patch of grass when the sun is very hot. He'd literally walk along the bricks on the yard where clearly there's only 1 feet of shade to his destination. So our house was pee central and in the first 2 weeks of housebreaking disaster, hubby would growl and grumble, "The Brazilian Cherry Wood is now Brazilian PEE wood!"

Our little trooper had hernia surgery at 10.5 weeks!

Now he is with us for 5 weeks and our little fuzzy poochie mango has graduated to about 1 accident every 2-3days! That's a major improvement!

Frosty listens to Abbie read a doggie care book!
Face to Face time between girl and her best friend

And he has also taken up a new chore assignment to burn his energy and earn his keep in this family. We are super proud of him for this achievement, because his assignment was literally larger than his mouth and chest combined but he fumbled his way back home anyhow.

People I met at supermarkets, chiropractic office, and school orientation always look puzzled, scratched their heads, and asked, "So....you're from California?! So.....what are you doing here?" It sounded like I've just signed up for Survivor training camp in Jurassic Park....  But I always tell them that this is a beautiful place with 4 seasons, and I love seeing all the GREEN!

A dozen Canadian geese crosses the street by Target!

There's always something to appreciate in every State  you're in. For me, after 32 years (since....2nd grade!) in the same state with the same weather (EITHER: HOT or HOTTER), with bare brown hills and brush fires, earthquakes, expensive mortgage/taxes, crowded schools, and El Toro Y traffic (although NOW we really appreciate the wide, straight, 4 lane freeways!), it's actually kind of nice to come out to the other side of the country and explore!!  Oh and the thunderstorms and humidity? It reminded me of my 7 years (since birth) living in Taiwan! Love the smell, coolness, and tip tap of the raindrops!

I can't wait for school to start in 3 weeks! The concept of SCHOOL BUS blows my mind....since the last time I've rode in one was in 1985 when I was in Torrance, CA in 5th grade!

 Frosty hanging out at the front yard

YEAH, I get to walk in my PJs all day from Sept. 2 onwards! I love it too that school bus is right in front of my house! Amazing and Blessed!

Frosty visits Lassie statue in Buck's library

I know, I know....they all told me about last year's shocking snowfall. I know I'll be gritting my teeth in my December post and drinking hot chocolate by the pitcher every day....but I'm still excited about my new adventure. This is like College.... with more people (and pets) in tow! As our adventure continues, I will let you know if by December I'm still as jolly as I am today. At least I'll have Frosty! He's going to keep us all warm with his sheep fur. We'll be casting lots to see who gets him every day starting Thanksgiving day!

Frosty fell asleep after 3 episodes of  Abbie's favorite ~"Full House".....

Here's My Favorite Hang out! Cools my (double coated) body!

Yeay! Today Our Newspaper Boy Succeeded! But the big rain last night caused the victim to Slip Away! (^_^)


Our Northeastern Adventure in the Philadelphia Suburbs BEGINS!

Ok, so if I don't start blogging soon, I'm going to forget my password to this BLOG! (*_*)  Blogging (or the lack thereof).... is very much like exercising (or the lack thereof). The less we do it, the less we feel like doing it....and pretty soon (as you can tell from my last entry).....6 months have passed by!

So here I am, attempting to log in my 1st blog entry of the Spring + Summer 2014....with a puppy giving me an evil look + threatening to "go" on my Nike slipper if I don't play with him right now. 

(10 minutes later) I don't even know where to begin, so much has happened that it seems like a dream (or a super long vacation) still!  I guess maybe I should start from the day the movers came and moved our house from Ladera Ranch, CA to Chalfont, PA!


The movers loaded up our house in 3 days and we paraded into USAirway check-in like Harry Potter and Friends, with Jubee ~ Kobee ~ Autumn in airline approved carriers....headed into the airplane! The flight was overall uneventful, thanks to the roasted unsalted almonds from the $14 fancy lunchables box we purchased for dinner. The parrots were begging for them so that kept them from singing opera and talking to the passengers during the 5 hour flight. The days following were a big blur, probably because we were not only jetlagged, but we were unpacking a zillion boxes each day, wiping/lining the 50 or so cabinets/pantries/drawers, whatever....and sweating bullets.

Our Neighbors and their kids are so nice! They visited our parrots and
 even brought us popsicles!

The heat wave had begun, similar to the dizzying discomfort we felt in CA. The difference is that we have high humidity here (which brought back nostalgic feelings of summer days and nights in my short 7.5 years of childhood in Taiwan)!

The birds love to hang out on the fence together!

It was 95 degrees, but felt like 105 degrees with the humidity (no exaggeration, Accu-Weather actually says it), so I was taking 3 showers a day during that first week. I also had the inconvenience of a non-functioning A/C but couldn't find help because hubby went to Germany for business trip (for many days) immediately after he brought us all here from CA. It wasn't until he returned did he casually mention that you needed to 'press the battery compartment harder' so the batteries would line up and the symbol on the thermostat wouldn't keep saying "Low Bat".  Melting.... Soph, Melting....

We visited Sesame Place, home of Elmo and Big Bird!

We descended on the new house with nothing but 3 birds and 1 small luggage each. So we slept in the basement for a couple of weeks until our things arrived, and it was fun to actually have a basement! In CA the houses have no basements, but here everyone has it. Ours is fully furnished, so we don't see Caleb much nowadays except when he surfaces twice daily to ask me what we're having for brunch/dinner, and when he comes by to see what snacks are available in the kitchen.  IT's a teenager's Dream Come True! No one is nagging him anymore (especially because there's 2 stories to climb between basement and bedroom upstairs.... SO exhausting!)!!

Caleb at Sesame Place water slide

We unpacked enough items to get us through just one week at a time, and the other 45 boxes will probably wait until ..... hubby's Clinical Trials pass and we know we're actually staying here for more than 9 months....or when Caleb goes to college....whichever comes first.  The paintings will stay in their box until our puppy grows up, I reckon...

Caleb loves swimming....in the hotel pool (en route to pick up puppy in Maine)!

Abbie really enjoys her new life in PA. Now she spends most days watching Disney channels, occasionally reading "Little House on the Prairie", and potty training the puppy. The neighbors' kids are very nice and came over to see our parrots as soon as they got off the school bus on the last week of school! 

Kobee loves to hang out in the front yard!

The houses here are like 3 houses-distance away by CA standards, so we have to put on our tennis shoes and make an effort to go to the neighbor's house, even if they are just next door or at the end of our cul de sac. It was literally a small uphill hike!

Caleb enjoys his secret hideout! A tree in the yard!

Here in Philly suburbs, there are tons of trees..... I was in awe of how many trees there are ... just in my back and front yard (40!)! There are also wildlife living in these forests.....like hawks and raccoons, foxes and deer, Canadian geese and bunnies, and as we later learned, the predators eat everything, including organic free-range chicken. Unfortunately, we woke up on a Saturday morning 1 month after our arrival and found feathers everywhere in the yard. That was our organic chickens' fate....and after shedding tears and remembering our beloved pets, we vowed to always strengthen/lock the coop doors if we get more chickens in the Spring....and to name them Mocha JR. and Nugget JR. too, in remembrance of our cross-country-by-USPS-$105-shipping-cost- California chickens.

Driving to Maine on July 4th week was very memorable! We ran hand in hand with the Thunderstorms that went over to Boston, Massachusetts, Portsmouth New Hampshire, and Maine! The lobsters in Maine really were delicious....legendary in fact!

We ate them before we picked up  Frosty on July 5th, and that day we drove all the way home (with all the potty breaks in between) in 11 hours with puppy in arms (rotating between Caleb, Abbie, and Mine).

When you bring home a little baby, be it with fur/paws/tail or skin/fingers/no tails, you life will never be the same again!