Soph Realizes What's Driving her Depression! (^_^)

From: Sophie Tsai godluvu99@yahoo.com on Friday, April 20, 2012 1:35 PM
Hi Dears,
I realized that I am depressed not only because of weaning off my meds too early and the stresses of surgery/motherhood, but also that my thought pattern/negative thinking is causing me to feel miserable. My inability to let go of trying to be perfect and expecting everyone else to be perfect (hubby, kids, and in the past, my dad)....and also wanting to control everyone elses' schedules, attitudes, reactions, behavior....Boy, that's a lot of burden to carry around!
So the hilarious topics (if you have time, go in the link and to the broadcast category, it's so funny and everything she said was like talking to me!) helped me immensely. Definately Soph needs to ask God to forgive her for being so proud and 'playing God', and I need to also forgive others and not be bitter/resentful when people are not perfect or not do things 'my' way. CAleb's mouthing off and disrespectful behavior has made me subconsciously angry at him, and not wanting to be around him, but I learned that I need to forgive him 'cuz I'm also hard to live with many times too! And also be merciful 'cuz he may have had a bad day or is stressed about something.
So confessing these mental/attitude sins has lifted me of these burdens these couple days and I'm enjoying a better relationship with the Lord. It is not easy, God showed me my pride and perfectionism, and it is wrong because God is the only one who is perfect and sinless. He forgave me and I need to remember I'm redeemed by his blood for my mental/visible sins too, so I need to forgive others too! And though sometimes we don't 'feel' like being kind and merciful, we are called to just obey God and do the right thing no matter what others do to us or say to us (which may be offensive)....and the feelings will follow :x lovestruck.

I've been watching videos of a Christian speaker/author/counselor named Joyce Meyer. She is now in her 60's. She had been through lots of trials in life and was sexually abused by her dad for 10+ years when she was young. She overcame lots of struggles and speaks everywhere in the world now. She is hilarious and her talks are very very applicable and helpful. It woke me up to the fact that I wasn't submitting/confessing my negative mental/attitudes sins (anger, perfectionism, self-pity, envy, controlling, etc.) to the Lord. www.joycemeyer.org
It's so good to be able to share my heart w/you sweeties! You are so precious and I am thankful for friends like you. Please take good care of yourself and keep on trusting the Lord, praying to Him, and read a couple of verses when you can. His Word really has the power to help us restore our relationship w/Him, and also help us overcome our weaknesses and help us live peacefully with others. I'm learning this hour by hour...
Hugs and see you soon!
But He said to me, My Grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made Perfect in Weakness.”