Andrei and Caleb's Hummingbird Science Project! (^_^)

Caleb and his good friend Andrei are working as a team in his class Science Fair project!

Caleb pours newly made nectar into feeder using a beaker


This year, their Hypothesis is that the Hummingbirds (in Ladera Ranch) prefer Violet nectars over other colored nectars like Red or Green Nectar. We hung the 3 Nectar bottles in Andrei's yard for 7 days, and he and his mom took some really spectacular pictures!

The hummers like red nectars!

It turns out they LOVE green nectars most!

According to Andrei, the hummers (as we affectionately call them) prefer the green nectars over the other 2 nectars! After the week was up, we transferred the 3 nectar bottles to our house (just 3 streets down) and hung them in our front yard for 7 more days. Today is the final day! I tried for 7 days to take pictures of these speedy birds and had no luck. Good thing TODAY I was able to catch ONE picture and ONE video of an angry Hummingbird.... who could NOT find his Nectars!

Apparently, someone had removed his favorite food and he wasn't happy. But I had to take it down in order to measure the final nectar consumed in each bottle! So, to test your eyesight, see if you can find him in the picture above! [Hint: His beak is facing right]

It was fun to watch the boys go from picking out the topic to this final analysis..... The fun of discovery never ends! The picture below will reveal the final result! Do you know which color (nectar) the birdies ultimately preferred? Good job boys!

Beginning amount: 200 mL each

Ending amount: 20ml of nectar left in green feeder! 40ml left in red, and 120 ml left in Violet!

~ ~ ~ May 26, 2010 ~  ~ ~ The Big Day!!

We just returned from our Chaparral Science Fair! We were surprised that Caleb and Andrei's project had won a Blue Ribbon! We were there when school let out today and we didn't see a ribbon on their display! Woo hoo! Go Boys! Great teamwork! We enjoyed the yummy root beer ice cream float in the lunch area, and went to Mr. Trager's room to do "bird beak adaptation project", then went to Abbie's future kindergarten playground to visit Mrs. McLaren and play with "liquid goo". She wanted to be done after just 30 seconds! (^_^)

Caleb and Andrei's Hummingbird display

Mr. T helps with "bird beak and food" project

Caleb patiently works on project

Abbie was not too thrilled with "goo" liquid


Striking Teachers, Striking Baseballs and Piano Recitals....What a Month!

Hi folks! Happy Late April!

This has definately been the most roller-coaster month besides mother-in-law's hospital adventure. We've had school plays, baseball games, piano recitals, and teacher striking in front of our schools. This is Day #3 of the Capistrano Unified School District teachers' strikes. Each day we are glued to the tube, newspapers, or our phones, waiting for the news of whether the strike has ended or not.

The last time CUSD has had a strike was in 1974, when I was born! This is the first strike in California this year, and the outcome will determine other districts' negotiations. We will keep praying that there's a quick resolution and the kids can return to some form of normalcy in school. Left at home, my kids fight like cats and dogs....not good....

Yesterday Caleb had his piano recital! The teacher asked him to play in both recitals, so we rushed back from church and enjoyed this special time. It was surprising that he played quite well considering the battles we've been having over his daily piano practicing (or lack thereof!).

It rained last week, and the coaches on both teams (UCI vs. USC) decided to GO!!!! So they played in the rain!!

The parents were all hiding under jackets, makeshift tents and folding chairs. It was great! The boys had a blast and din't mind being int he rain, for it makes them feel like they are playing like Major Leaguers! Go Trojans!

Though much of my flowers have withered prematurely, I'm determined to grow more! So I've invested in hummingbird "bell-shaped" flowers, sunflower seeds, more Gerber daisies, and sunflower seeds! Nothing will stop me!

And though our loquats took forever to ripen, they are big, beautiful, plump and sweet today! Yeay! Have a happy end of April, and I anticipate May will be a better month! Well, MAYbe! (^_^)

** News Update ** [Added a day after this blog entry]
April 27, 2010 @ 7am ~ Wohooo! Got phone call from school announcing that the teacher's strike is OVER!! Thanks for praying, everyone, and Praise the Lord!


Our 2010 Spring Break!

We were able to go on a short trip to San Diego because the kids had spring break. It was a much needed break and we all had a good time and were recharged!

We went to Point Loma to see the Lighthouse, and also the U.S.S.Midway Museum (A Navy Ship)! It was very interesting! I cann't believe how small the beds were (6 feet long)! It felt claustrophobic just to be in the ship for 2.5 hours....imagine living in it for months and months!

U.S.S.Midway! Here we are!

The beautiful Point Loma!

We enjoyed the San Diego Zoo, as always, and even saw a baby panda make his way down a tree!


Wow, long time no Blog! Our tough month of March!

I noticed that it has been almost a month since I last posted! Coincidentally, the last post happened on the day that mom in law was rushed to the ER room due to pneumonia and sepsis. It was quite shocking for us all because her bladder surgery (2 weeks prior) was successful and she didn't display any side effects. As it turned out, she had a hard time breathing from the two previous conditions and thankfully was resuscitated. But the 3 weeks following that incident she was in ICU in Santa Ana.

Hubby and dad/bro-in-laws were in and out of the hospital and I gave weekly updates to hundreds of family and friends. Thankfully, she is stable enough to be transferred to Newport sub-acute rehab care (tonight!) so she can recover slowly.  

During these past 3 weeks, we took father in law to some of Caleb's baseball games to give him a mental and physical break. We cooked and ate with him and had a "sleepover-party" (as Abbie called it), to keep him 'distracted'. We all took turns praying for MIL in the hospital and sang for her, all while wearing gowns, masks, and gloves in the ICU. We are blessed by loved ones who prayed for mom, and all 400 of our church friends who prayed for her as well.

Hubby was keeping dad company in the evenings and visiting the hospital lots after work, so I decided to try something new to entertain the kids (who missed daddy) during those nights. So... I  attempted to make my first California roll (in 35 years!) Thankfully, they loved it (though it was not.... too pretty).

It was a tough month, and we are so thankful we survived it. Though we are not out of the woods yet, we are thankful that we have the love, encouragements, and blessings from all of our loved ones.

All of us siblings (3 brothers, sister-in-laws, and kids) put our heads together and helped one another. Thanks to cyber-technology, we discussed treatment options, relayed updates after visiting mom,  and encouraged one another to rest and keep up the good work. We have grown closer than ever through this trial!

I can't believe it's April already! We're 25% through with 2010! This is a time to count our blessings. Though life has lots of ups and downs, we have much to be thankful for. Coming up tomorrow is Good Friday, and I'm thankful that our Heavenly Father loves us and gave his life to redeem me and cleanse me of my sins. No one can love as much as He does, esp. for those who reject and disobey him constantly, like me. I am thankful that He is patient with me and loves me unconditionally.

Happy Easter, Beloved (^_^)!! And remember that Somebody loves you and is willing to pay a price to remove your sins so you can spend eternity with Him (and other loved ones in Christ). He is your Creator and Heavenly Father. And YOU are MUCH more precious than many sparrows...and chicks! (And God loves and created these ultra-cute baby animals!)