Breaking News on our New Home (^_^)

This past week had been a Roller Coaster week! 8 days ago we bought a brand new, 3600 sq. feet Cul-de-sac, Standard Pacific Home (with view) in San Clemente, which is set to be built in November 2009! Well, the Late-Breaking news is that we will be BREAKING the contract and RETURNING the house (above) ~ ~ (^_^) ~ ~

We listed our home for the past 7 days, and enjoyed helping with our church's 5-days of Vacation Bible School. Last nite, as we were driving home, hubby and I both felt touched by the Lord to return our dream home! Yes, it's good to have a dream home, but we realized it's even more fulfilling to sow seeds and lead others to a more important Home ~ our eternal dwelling!
Our home here is a temporary place, where moths (and ants, and burglars) can destroy ~ but our Heavenly Home is somewhere we will spend our lifetime with our Father and loved ones in the Lord ~ and no one can take it away from us.

So that's where we're headed..... a new Adventure! FAITH ~ is a Fantastic Adventure In Trusting Him! Thanks everyone for your prayers! So we'll just enjoy views of San Clemente from afar!
So today, we will go to the Stella Mare sales office, and apologize profusely to the sweet agent who labored over our purchase, then gingerly (and quickly) take our deposit check from their hands and run.... (^_^)

Thank you for your prayers, love, care, and encouragement! Serving the Lord brought us joy and contentment that is beyond words! We are blessed with His Grace and precious friends like you!


VBS ~ Our Most Memorable Adventure this summer!

This is the first time that I've ever attended VBS event (in my whole life)! Hubby was busy this past two months preparing, planning, and coordinating this year's week-long Summer Vacation Bible School program for our church. This Year's Theme is ~ Rome ~ Paul and the Underground Church.

It was incredible to see how God helped gather the whole church, everyone serving according to their unique talents! We had the Praise &Worship team, who led the 50 kids in singing and dancing each day!

There is also "Family Circle Time" every day, and the group gathers as leaders share about God's love for Paul and every person He loves and came to this earth to die for. This is a special time of sharing, learning about the Word, and prayer!

The drama team had Paul in prison, chained to the prison guard Brutus! It was touching to see them each day, getting to know the Lord through their daily encounter with Paul in prison, and finally witnessing Brutus accepting Jesus as his Savior too! The kids bowed and prayed along with Paul and gave their life to the Lord as well.

In the Underground Church where Christians hid and shared the gospel, the children learned about how dangerous it was for the Christians in Paul's times to believe and follow Jesus.

The kids enjoyed playing several games at VBS each day!

The Marketplace was a fun place where kids learned to make beautiful crafts. They also bought delicious food (provided by our beloved and talented mommies) from "food shops" with Roman coins and ate heartily!

Finally, on the last day of VBS, children invited parents to see presentations they've rehearsed during their adventure here!

The big finale was a festival including lots of delicious chinese food and carnival games! Thank you all for attending, helping, participating and praying!

Hubby and I learned so much in this VBS. Our kids and their friends loved this experience! Please keep praying for the kids who have come to know the Lord. (^_^) We hope to see you next year!!!!