The Kids Will be Alright (^_^) Abbie's New Year's Wish!

Even before hubby packed his bags in preparation for his migration to Philly (for his new job at Johnson and Johnson), he worried that the kids and I would not be able to adjust to his absence. God is so good, and though hubby and I haven't been apart since our 5 year long distance relationship in my college days (1993-1998), life had been quite smooth since December 1st (hubby's 1st day of work)!

We missed him a lot, but also kept our daily routine of school, after school relaxing/Taekwondo, and they patiently did their homework/chores while I prepared dinner and attempted to help them with their homework (when I had no clue what the questions were, esp. Math, I took pics and Whatsapped them to hubby to solve the problem!).

The kids were quite resilient, and started to pitch in on daily chores! This morning Caleb surprised me by making home-laid home-made sunny-side-down eggs! Abbie was the behind-the-scenes chef, teaching big bro how to make the yummy eggs. They ended up making 6 eggs (4 of them were from Mocha and Nugget) and eating them all! We are now awaiting hubby's offer on a house in Philly suburbs, and in the meantime looking to list our home at the end of this month. We're excited to see what God's plans are for our family this brand new year!!

In the meantime, Abbie is also following through on her New Year's Resolution to be a Responsible Puppy Mommy! She went to the library to check out tons of books on Puppy Care, headed to Petsmart with me to purchase puppy biscuits, toys, collars, and other supplies!

We are happy to report that except for Da Pup, we have EVERYTHING we need to start caring for our family's new addition! WE are hoping to get a puppy from "After Eden Samoyeds", a wonderful couple who loves the Lord and had a litter of pups born on 12/30/13! We hope to get a house by then so we can settle the pup down! We are definitely praying hard!

Abbie was very good at convincing us that we needed a new addition. She actually wanted a baby sister, but after explaining to her that daddy closed shop (He just did! And mommy too!), she went on to lobby for a baby pup. So I told her that she can come up with a proposal and we can have a family meeting during New Year's week when daddy comes home.

Ultimately her poster and 8 page report (plus daddy also wanting a pup in the last few months) resulted in a family unanimous vote on getting a Samoyed pup. At first I was considering a rare AKC breed (since 1997) called "Canaan Dog", but eventually the family thought Samoyed would be a more suitable dog....considering Philly is still in the midst of the current polar vortex and freezing/snowing/icing up pretty good.

So we are embarking on a new adventure! Please keep praying for us! Happy New Year!