Hello Kitty & Canadian Geese ~ Abbie's Favorite things!

Abbie's Dream Comes True! She's Surrounded by Feathered Friends!

After I had recovered steadily from the lap surgery, it was time to go back to the routines in life....which included taking Kobee bird for his quarterly wing/nail trimming! Abbie faithfully came with me every time, so this time I decided to give her a BIG surprise!

Help! Don't Peck My Shoe!

En route to an appointment in Lake Forest, I got lost one time and ended up in a residential street. I peered to the right and was amazed to see glittering water with Canadian geese all over the place! It was a beautiful duck pond filled with hundreds of waterfowl!

Let Me Try to Pet You.....Slowly......Slowly........Touch down!

So en route to Omar's for Kobee bird's trim, I stopped at the pond and took out a 4-lb bag of Mizuri Avian Maintenance pellets (super healthy, super expensive) we had leftover from our adventure with Quacker duck. Abbie was thrilled and I believe that pictures/videos speak a thousands words (^_^) ~ Voila! And watch out for Hungry, Honking, Poopy, and People-Chasing Geese!

After our fun feeding fest, we took Kobee to Omar's, then had Abbie's favorite Teriyaki Chicken Bento at the Japanese restaurant next door!

Over the Martin Luther King holiday, we also went to Abbie's friend Ailie's 7th Birthday Cooking Party! Abbie loves to cook and I'm slowly building up my courage for her to 'help' me in our kitchen! Here, she was able to make and bake with help from 'real' chefs! She made the first Hello Kitty Pizza I've seen in my life! It's really cool!!

Abbie's Hello Kitty in the works! Chef Abbie loves making it!

Voila! Hello Kitty after going thru Refiner's Fire! (^_^) Delicious!

According to Abbie, the pizza tasted REALLY good!
Next time, let mama try a bite (^_^)!

Going to Kiddie Birthday parties has become a rite of passage for kids and parents alike! Though life is busy/hectic, we take this time to especially bless and celebrate their special day as they grow in beauty, wisdom, and in the Lord's love and care. May the Lord watch over all of our Loved One's Little Ones! (^_^)

Abbie and the Birthday Girl ~ Ailie! (^_^)


A Baby Cousin ~ Our Kids' First Experience with a Big Bundle! (^_^)

Siblings Hold Baby Cousin Elie!

Yeay! I'm a Big Sister!! Elie is 6 weeks old!

On Martin Luther King holiday, the kids and I visited their baby cousin Elie and 4.5 yr old cousin Kyle! They were very excited to see their cousin for the first time! Auntie Debbie looked great and worked hard around the clock to care for baby Elie and family!

Uh-Oh, What do I do??? She doesn't look too happy!?!

There, Now I'm Getting Good at Baby holding!

The kids held a REAL baby for the 1st time in their lives [except Caleb, who held Abbie 6+ years ago, but I think he forgot (^_^)!] Caleb was worried at first, but then became quiet good at holding baby!

Glad we got a picture of ALL 4 of them together!
1-2-3- FLIP!!

It's so fun to crawl on Auntie Debbie's Sofa!

The Kids loved playing on the sofa with Kyle and hanging out together! We all had a delicious lunch afterwards!

Grandma Kathy proudly holds Sweet Grand-daughter Elie!

God bless you sweet Sister and family! Congratulations and you are all in our prayers! It's a tough stage but it is the biggest blessing from our Lord. You are in our prayers!

Eliana 18 hours old! She's a Beautiful Cutie Pie!!
We thank the Lord (and Sis Debbie!) for a brand new baby to hold and love!

Abbie learns how to change a REAL baby's diaper!


Wow, Happy New Year! (^_^) Christmas Staycation was a Blessing!

Happy New Year 2012, Sweeties! I cannot believe that 2012 is already upon us! The last few weeks was a blur because I was preparing for the Da Vinci to pluck out the tangerines on my ovaries!

Kids passed their Yellow Belt Test!

Thankfully, with everyone's prayers and love, everything went smoothly! Besides the anesthesia which was enough to knock out an elephant, the unpleasant side effects (throwing up on hubby), and purple fist-size bruise on the belly button area, all the scars are slowly recovering!

Caleb Joins Winter NJB (National Jr. Basketball)

3 Monkeys had a GREAT Staycation!

Hubby took really good care of us during our staycation! For the 1st time, I began my 'Eat~Read~Nap~Watch TV' pamperd lifestyle and loved it! The kids loved having daddy take them to karate, Souplantation, Hugo, and many days of hiking together! 

The best reward of their exploration was the discovery of a creek in the trails just 1.5 miles from our house! So though this is a very different Christmas for our family, we were very blessed, in fact more than ever!

We had 11 straight days of delicious and healthy foods from neighbors, church pals, and even college buddies from New York!

One of the many delicious meals from Loved Ones!

 (^_^) By day 4 post op, I was already sweeping (slowly but surely) our living room while my 3 monkeys sat and enjoyed Trader Joe's popcorn watching TV!

Mom sweeping as 3 Monkeys ate (Mom not shown)

Though our ceiling leaked water from the bath pipes upstairs, we were blessed that they were taken care of during our staycation too!

Kitchen Ceiling Raining Water

Caleb's Wall (by bathroom) openend to fix Bath Pipe

Life's biggest blessing is truly being with your loved ones, and knowing that they care and are here for us.

Welcoming Sweet Niece Eliana! Our December Baby!

May you have a blessed and adventurous 2012! ~(^_^)~ Thank you for your Prayers, Encouragements, and Fattening me up over the holidays!