What? 40? Who, Me?

I didn't realize how fast this year has gone. I can't believe that after the selling of our CA home, the buying of the PA home, the Actual Move here, the Unpacking, the Picking up of Puppy.....6 months has passed and I'm staring at my BIG 40 in the face!  Thankfully, when I'm with my loved ones (friends, family, college buddies), I don't feel a day older than when I stepped onto the beautiful campus of UCSD as a sprouting, innocent, excited freshman in 1992! 

Who can resist these pleading eyes? No pup, no cake for you!

My buddy Julie from college and my Cerritos high acquaintance George (both were married in 2010 to each other!) came with their sweet little girl to celebrate my big day early! We had lots of fun hanging out and enjoying the dinner and sleepover. Frosty loved having company over and we chatted and had delicious meals and yummy Strawberry cake from Coldstone Ice Cream place!

Cake was Melting! I forgot to make a wish and just BLEW it all out!

 No matter how old I get, I'll relish and cherish the special friends I've made over the years, and keep thanking the Lord for their love and support of me and my loved ones all these years! Thank you sweeties!

Frosty Eyeing my last big piece of cake!


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