Wow, Happy November! Where did Autumn Go? (*_^)

The beautiful leaves are breath-taking...... Now who will help us a-Raking?

Today I couldn't believe that November creeped up on us! The crisp, breezy autumn days with sunshine peeking in periodically have suddenly took on a chilly, rainy, gusty and even frosty demeanor, making me bundle up in my Christmas sweater (and hat, gloves, scarf, boots, and snow jacket) two months before I thought my wimpy California self would dress!

Frost on the leaves and lawn at 8am! 31 degrees!

Autumn Girl enjoys being the Poster Girl for Thanksgiving Decor at the Tsai residence

It is not easy to adjust to 40's day high and 30's night lows in such a brief period of time, but I focused on enjoying the beauty of the Northeast as the Maple trees sprinkled their beautiful orange-red leaves upon our lawns, until our lawn was decorated with more foliage than I can handle! This morning the wind was blowing so hard that trees were dancing sideways and Frosty couldn't stand still to pee so he had to give up and run inside! We've never experienced 40 mph wind gusts like this in California!

Frosty loves his new Thanksgiving Collar scrunchie he bought at the Laborador Rescue fundraising

Life with 4 seasons has its beauty and its beast. For one thing, I am taking 30 minutes a day looking for "Frosty-gold" because all the leaves are the same color as his gold nuggets! No wonder having a dog keeps our minds active....it is harder to search, recover,  and dispose daily poopies without straining one's eyes (and arms, holding the heavy metal poop rake/scooper) and now I have a deep respect for all the dog lovers/owners/slaves out there!

Kobee High-Fives visitors who woo and ahh over him

Jubee likes the Scenery Here

Beautiful Autumn Leaves Beginning to Fall

I had fun exploring the neighborhood stores, such as the super shopping experiences at Wegman's (Trader Joes + Mother's Market Size/Coziness times 2!) and Pet Supplies Plus. Frosty went to a Costume Contest at PSP last Saturday and it was super fun to see him freaked out by 2 little rescue piggies in the store (up for adoption), and Chuck-e (the big pizza mouse enterprenuring next door) who brought 3 delicious pizzas for the contestants' parents.

Chuck-E tries to knee-clasp Frosty, who doesn't really want a picture with a Mouse

The kids adjusted incredibly well to their new schools and made lots of friends! We are so blessed by all of you who prayed for them before and after our cross-country move!

Our Super Dog thinks there's too many bad news (e.g. ISIS & eBola)..... so he eats it up!

Super Dog at Costume Contest

It's cool that the kids have Chinese classmates who also go to the same church as them!  The kids here are very sweet and embracing to their new friends from the west coast! God does provide for each of our needs, we just need to trust Him one day at a time.

Frosty advertises for Power Paws, a doggie sock company on Dog Fancy!!

Hubby hasn't been traveling as much lately, so I'm savoring his yummy cooking, funny discussions and complaints about Clash of Clans with the kids around the dinner table. We will continue to enjoy this beautiful Autumn until.... snow flurries abound and we are homebound with Frosty, 3 freezing birdies, and the kids!

3 birdies huddle around the space heater during cold nights!

We are so happy to be here, even if some days we are freezing our buns off!! Before we know it, Thanksgiving will be here!  Come visit us soon! 

35 inch homegrown Opo veggie from a neighbor sends Frosty into a frenzy! No Veggies, Mommy!

      Every morning, our family circus consists of puppy teeth acupuncture & screaming Abbie

                                  Hubby teaches Frosty a new trick!!

Have A Happy Harvest!

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